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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, March 19 2012

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update of Weatherfield wotsits.

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Big story of the week has been the reveal of Frank Foster’s killer. I like the way this story’s been done because for a long time I figured it was his mum Anne who’d done him in and then Corrie bring in Jenny Plot-Device which threw me completely. It doesn’t take much, not at my age. And then Jenny disappears and his mum Anne goes berserk, apologising to Carla for her son raping her and then she tries to kill Carla with a huge kitchen knife. You never know where you are with that Anne one.  But it’s Sally who first finds out that Anne’s a murdering mum and as she tries to run from Anne’s bedroom after Frank’s funeral, she slips and falls on the landing carpet, knocking herself unconscious on the banister. Downstairs, Carla’s pleading with Anne to Put The Knife Down as Kevin, wondering where his wife’s gone, sneaks in through Anne’s garage door and ends it for Anne. Carla calls 999, asks for an ambulance for Sally, an arresting copper for Anne and a bottle of whisky for herself.

At Nick’s Bistro, Lewis gets his job back as meeter and greeter on Coronation Streeter and everyone’s happy, especially Audrey who is back together with Lewis but having to keep it quiet. So when Gail and David snarl at the news that Lewis is back working for Nick, Audrey has to do a pretend snarl too while giving Lewis the glad-eye and a cheeky wink.

Over at the Rovers, Karl and Sunita flirt across the pumps as money goes missing from the Rovers’ till.  Stella accuses all her staff of nicking dosh and upsets everyone, but it’s Karl who’s taken the money to pay off his gambling debts.  Sunita knows that’s what’s happened but she keeps quiet. And in return for her silence, Karl gives Sunita a kiss up the ginnel.  Oh, how I love slipping that one into an update.

Bacon barm Brian is a healthy-eating hypocrite as he berates Kylie for bringing in chips for Max at school and then gorges himself on a pie and a pint in the pub.  Kylie’s not best pleased having Brian tell her what she can and can not feed her son for school lunch and when Brian sticks his butty in about it, he ends up with chips and peas all down his front. He marches off home, covered in grease and green peas and Kylie decides to take Max out of school to teach him at home, where she can feed him all the chips his little heart desires. Until it clogs up, of course.

Meanwhile, Leanne tells Peter she’s going for custody of little Simon as he’s clearly too drunk to take care of his son. Whether Leanne is doing this out of the goodness of her heart for what she feels for little Simon or out of the badness of her heart for what she feels against Peter running off with Carla, well, it’s all kind of mixed up right now.

And finally this week, Tina asks Tommy out on a date. A proper date, requiring a wash, a clean shirt and with dinner and everything.

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Anonymous said...

Gwen Taylor - fabulous..'nuff said.

ChiaGwen said...

Fab write-up 'kissed up the ginnel' and 'till it clogs up lol! Only just saw Monday's episode last night and the wait was worth it - Gwen Taylor was superb switching emotions so effortlessly - just brilliant! Someone in another post wondered why Kevin didn't call 999 when he looked through that little window and saw Anne with the BIG knife and Carla. I seem to remember that when he was at Sally's talking with Sophie, she had just put her cell phone down on the table and when Kevin said he was going to try and call Sally, he picked up Sophie's phone, so I bet he didn't have a cell phone with him. Was Jenny at Frank's funeral - odd that she hasn't been shown or at least have the detectives mention they talked to her, or did they?


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