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Sunday 18 March 2012

Corrie weekly awards: March 12 - 16

Hypocrite award: Mushy pea star: Brian. Score one for Kylie. And by the way, Kylie wasn't on school premises, she was outside the gate.
Oily Star: Audrey pretending to continue to hate Lewis and carrying on with him in secret.

Out of the mouths of babes award: Simon sure knows how to hurt Peter to the quick. But the little lad is suffering.

Jealous Ignorant Oik award: Norris never fails to get up my nose. Nobody pays him any mind, at least.

Entrepreneur Award: Kylie taking lunch orders and charging the kids a little profit for her overheads!

Playing them at their own game award: Carla was a pretty cool customer under questioning by the cops!

More Holes than Swiss Cheese award: That story Peter told the cops was so clearly made up on the spot, I'm surprised DC Nash didn't laugh in his face.

Scam Artist award: Karl trying to overcharge Rita to line his own pockets.

Be careful what you wish for award: Carla said she only wanted what everyone else had... a nice boyfriend... Well if she will keep on picking psychos or everyone else's fella it kind of reduces the odds of finding a nice one.

Unreality check award: Paul refuses to accept Lesley needs more help than he can give.

Heartwarmer of the week: The engagement of Rita and Dennis, celebrated in the Bistro surrounded by friends.

Lines of the Week:
Carla "If i'd have killed Frank Foster, it would have been because he raped me"
and "He's a rapist and I hated him. They're not motives. They're cold hard facts"
Sylvia "We live in self congratulatory times" (jealousy!)
Lewis "Show me a man who understands women and I'll show you a fool"
Julie "Do you have to work on being so offensive or does it come naturally." Beth "It's not me that's shacked up in one of them menageries"
Julie "Tracy Barlow's not economical with the truth, she's positively stingy!"
Kylie "I'm not stopping til he's waving a white hankie on a stick!"

Musical catch of the week. Karl flirting with Sunita and suggesting another trip to the casino with Queen's "I Want to Break Free" playing in the background.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty awards:
No screen chemistry award: How awkward are those scenes with old Aud trying to get past Lewis’s Concorde conk to kiss him? You can see neither of the actors’ hearts are really in it. Aud really has a very high sex drive for someone in their 70s, I wonder if she has told Lewis that she had a relationship with a cross dresser in between.

Absent to the Point of Ridiculousness Award: Where IS Jenny? She was there at the contract signing and was supposedly Frank’s new girlfriend and business partner but seems to have been airbrushed out like she never existed! Sally and Anne didn’t even mention that Frank had cheated on Sal with her in their heart to heart. Ether it’s a ridiculous Plot device or she is the killer all along, which Frosty suspects to be true. Is she on Monday’s cast list I wonder?

Descent into the Bowls of Hell Award: Peter and Carla swilling whiskey like a couple of old inebriates that they are, like a scene from Dante’s Descent into Hades. The foul pair destroying each other bit by bit. Shudder.

Meaningless Character of the week award: Maria suddenly popping up again and putting in her tiresome six pennarth about Frank and “how he tried to rey-ape meh”. What is this totally inane and pointless person still doing there?

Getting more and more uncomfortable viewing award: Eileen stroking poor Lesley’s head like she was a pet dog and then snogging her husband in the next room. This story is ruining the character of Eileen, I wish it were over, its been done very badly indeed.

Say it how it is award: Good on Beth for speaking out to what everyone is thinking about Eileen and Gormless Paul’s grubby little affair.

Silly Scenes of the Week Award: Fat Brian and the healthy eating, its becoming very farcical and tiresome. Enough already.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Carla says she only wants what everyone else has ... literally! She's the person in the supermarket who nicks stuff from other people's trolleys because she can't be a***d to go round the aisles. Seems like people either love her or hate her but she just annoys me; she's not that different a character from Tracey. I switch off with both of them.

Can't bear the Eileen story and it's quite unconvincing that her friends would support her, saying she's 'making the best of a bad job'.

Michelle and Maria - attractive women but can't act their way out of the proverbial.

Anonymous said...

Excellent awards this week! :-)

And yes, the "I just want what everyone else has" pretty well sums up Carla's character or lack thereof, right from the get-go. And I just don't get why Maria and Michelle are her friends. Carla really screws her girlfriends over.
If Cieran had actually married Michelle, he'd probably be next on Carla's "I want that" list.

And thank God we've got Beth just blurting out what all of us are thinking re: Paul and Eileen. I luv it! :-D

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

No schoolyard monitor? Nobody wondering why a bunch of little kids are talking to a strange lady who is cowering behind trash bins? Did Kylie have 10 gallons of mushy peas stuffed into a little platic bag? Brian looked like he'd had 3 weeks worth of food dumped on him.

I really liked Kylie giving Tracy a hard time in the pub. I hope the writers keep this going.

Aud and cute.

Adam Rekitt said...

The healthy eating storyline is beyond silly. Wasn't there a spoiler that Julie and Brian were going to open a Greengrocers? I am still wondering if this is what they will do when Brian is sacked, as he is the world's most unconvincing headmaster. Surely any responsible parent would remove their child from his school, as soon as they met him.

Kylie's character was showing real promise, but this ridiculous story is taking her back to being just a brainless chav. It's not funny, it's tedious.

Danny-K said...

In response to Peter's explanation for confessing to the murder because of the unexplained blood on his shirt, with reasoning of the nature: What are the odds? The line of the week for me comes from Carla as she cut Peter short in mid sentence with:

" The odds!?! It's a murder, not the 2:30 at Doncaster!"


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