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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Corrie weekly awards: March 19 - 23

Diem Horribilus award: Sunita's day went from bad to worse to drunk to embarassing.

Funeral subterfuge award: Don't think the DI came to the funeral out of respect, he came to judge the mourners and see if anyone acts suspiciously. Carla, Maria and Michelle attending the funeral should tick that box. And where was Jenny, Frank's recent lover?

Pants on Fire award: Karl nicking money and pretending he needed it for the car. Audrey sneaking around seeing Lewis on the sly but gets the Busted Award, getting caught out. Brian pretended Max's place at school was already gone (Plonker).

Building Bridges award: Carla and Sally finding common ground and a bit of peace. That was the nicest scene of the week!

Fashion fun award: I like Sophie's tshirt. And shirts like that with glittery words seem popular now! Anna wears some as well.

Moral high ground award: Sunita and Amber both want apologies. They should both get them. Amber shouldn't have had the party and Sunita was too harsh with pent up resentments.

Living Large award: Tracy is living rent free because Steve pays the mortgage. Steve is also paying maintenance for his his WIFE (not ex-wife, mind you). Tracy is probably getting benefits as a single mother (except she's now married) and she's still scamming money off Steve. He's right. She should get a job.

Medical amnesia award: Audrey and Gail are drinking alcohol in the pub. So much for high blood pressure.

Self loathing award: Kevin's blaming himself for what happened to Sally. If he hadn't had the affair, they'd still be a family. Never mind what happened to Molly. Oh and, Rosie who? has anyone told Rosie about what happened to her mother? Nobody's even mentioned her let alone anything else.

Startlingly Obvious award: Tina admitted she fancied the pants off Tommy. Kylie finds out teaching is hard work.

You weren't supposed to find that award: Tommy found Tina's Pro and Con list about him.
Lines of the Week:
Sally to Carla about attending the funeral "It's a bit insensitive, isn't it?" Maria "Like you when you went to John Stape's funeral?" (Score one for Maria)
Kylie to Brian "You're trying to blind me with science!"
Anne "It was an accident. We had a row, a terrible row." (see? I said that all along, didn't I?)
Leanne "Go home, Peter, see if Cruella's cooked your tea"
Sunita to Dev "Have your own way as usual"
Audrey "I have spent my life denying myself pleasures" (not the Audrey I know)
Sunita "Let's just call it a day, shall we?" (And you've now got your old flat available to move back into!)
Tracy to Ken "It must be so nice being retired. No work to go to, pottering about all day" (Ironic, much?)
Gail "This is my mother you're conning with your oily gigilo ways!"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty's awards:
What are they putting in those drinks award: It seems that every time someone wants to make a scene or have a massive argument – it’s off to Nick’s Bistro. We had the usual tiresome misunderstanding shoutfest (with many more to come) with Tomma and Tina earlier in the week and then Sunita making an ass of herself having been taken there by St Ella to ply her with even more drinks instead of being taken’ in the back’ of the Rovers for the usual pep talk with a cup of black coffee.

Cheap Date Award: The Bistro is supposed to be renowned for its excellent cuisine from the invisible chef, so what does Tina choose – soup and hamburger and chips – classy – they should have gone to Roy’s Rolls or Dev’s now never mentioned Kebab house.

Inappropriate clothing award: Sunita in her smart white designer jacket . She looked like she was about to appear as a candidate on the Apprentice rather than go to work behind the bar in a small backstreet boozer. A most unlikely barmaid I have never seen. All for this contrived affair with Karl, Go back to leafy Cheshire love and the handsome fiancé you so unbelievably gave up.

SHOUTING award: More shouting from the tiresome twosome Tracy and Steve – who cares about them and then MORE shouting from Sunita and Div. Good thing we have remote to put this nonsense on MUTE.

Best pals again award: Quite incredulously Carla and Sally kissed, hugged and made up – aaaah. Cue Sally to rejoin this ridiculous knickers stitching empire and go around again on the merry go round. I wonder who will be the next victim in the Faktray of Death.

Pointless character of the week award: Kevin. It seems that they have nothing else to do with this character other than to have him just get back with his ex wife. Who is looking after his invisible son? Now it seems we have to endure a preposterous “third” marriage. Sally was totally adamant she no longer wanted Kevin back in her life; it’s just so repetitive and not believable. Sorry to Michael Le Veil fans but its time for him to go and open up a garage in Detroit and let’s concentrate on the character of Sally as a single woman.

DLVA Award: How come David was driving Nick’s top of the range Mercedes to Grassmere Drive when he supposedly has epilepsy? Surely he wouldn’t be allowed to get behind the wheel or is that yet ANOTHER plot hole?

Recast her award: Sophie mumbling unintelligibly as usual when that very nice doctor was trying to talk to her. Either that or send her for speech therapy. Awful.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Plot repetition award: missing money from the Rover's till. Didn't we just have this at the Bistro when staff were wrongly accused?

Not them again? award: Tracey, not missed at all, back ready to scream her head off at Lesley. Meaningless character, lousy actress. Kevin comes a close second. More 'let's try again, Sal'. Don't do it, girl! What is the point of Dev? Lose the Alahan family. He could sell to Sally who could turn it into an upmarket shop, and carve out a career niche for Sophie. Actually, at the moment, Sophie's another one who wouldn't be missed.

Yeah, right? award: As if Sunita would behave like that.

Anonymous said...

180 award..Sunita...WTF all of a sudden she gets totally trashed with the nosey Stella and makes a right fool of herself on top of a car? It was embarassing to watch. The actress was not convincing whatsoever. Then she plants one on Karl? I suppose what the writers are planning is Dev's departure from the streets in the months to come and will probably take Sunita with him. (I can only hope)
Please get rid of Tracy...kill her off or something. Hey!!Give her a job at the faktry!.maybe she'll stitch herself to death. They have to get rid of this character. She's been on the show too long. Hopefully her demise will be the next big thing Corrie comes up with. That, or Audrey suffering a heart attack brought on by all the stress of her fight with David.

Anonymous said...

When Sunita left the bistro with St. Ella she was really drunk, yet when Karl picked her up from the police station, that same night, she seemed perfectly sober?

Tvor said...

I would imagine a couple of hours in a cell would bring you down. She couldn't have been all that sober if she made a pass at Karl!


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