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Friday, 30 March 2012

Top 60 Corrie Characters - Nos. 52 and 51

52. Jack Walker 1960-1970 (25 votes)

The original landlord of the Rovers who was behind the bar throughout the 1960s, alongside wife Annie and various barmaids. A firm favourite with viewers, Jack is remembered for his gentle approach and his broad Lancashire accent – a huge contrast to wife Annie and her social pretentions. His storylines included being accused of having an affair with Elsie Tanner, being blackmailed by Frank Turner, being injured in a coach crash and Annie leaving him when she suspected him of having a lady friend. Jack died of a heart attack in 1970 while visiting daughter Joan in Derby.

Should Jack be at 52? Do you remember him behind the Rovers bar? Leave a comment!

51. Ivy Brennan (known as Tilsley) 1971-1972, 1974-1994 (27 votes)

The original mother in law from hell, known as ‘Poison Ivy’. Staunch Catholic Ivy hated the fact that only son Brian married Anglican Gail Potter in 1979 and Ivy and Gail’s feud lasted for 15 years. Originally working at the warehouse, Ivy is best remembered for being a shop steward at Mike Baldwin’s denim factory during the 1970s and 1980s. She led the machinists on strikes and often clashed with supervisor Elsie Tanner. Her best friend was Vera Duckworth and their friendship lasted on-screen for nearly 20 years and they enjoyed gossiping and playing bingo. First husband Bert died in 1984 and she married Don in 1988. Her marriage to Don wasn’t happy and they constantly argued, mainly over her interference in Gail’s life after Brian’s death and her obsession over her grandchildren’s welfare. She left the street in 1994 to go to a religious retreat and died of a stroke in 1995.

Should Ivy be at 51? Did you love to hate her? Leave a comment!

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John in Cincinnati said...

Jack Walker should be a lot higher than this. I think it is probably down to an age thing.

Anonymous said...

Ivy Brennan? I tell you if shed have been listed as Ivy Tilsley she would have scored higher. Her Brennan years were a shadow of her years as the Tilsley matriarch- Micky

Llifon said...

Yeah, I thought she would've been higher. I did put in brackets on the poll that she was known as Tilsley. Plus, there's only been one Ivy anyway!

Llifon said...

And yes, I agree John about Jack Walker. The same can be said about Swindley.

Greg said...

Jack was a brilliant character. If Arthur Leslie hadn't died when he did, he'd probably be much better remembered and appreciated. Such a shame. Also as he appears mainly in black and white, it's probably off putting to a lot of people. He's brilliant in the episode from 1969 where Len hits Elsie. Oh well, he'll always be appreciated by a lot of fans.

David said...

I've never liked Ivy all that much. She was well acted and written for but there's just something off-putting about her. With the exception of the factory scenes, where she was marvellous.

Jack Walker is in my top ten. Proof that characters don't have to have a nasty side to be interesting. Probably the Corrie character I'd most like to have a pint with.


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