Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday March 26

Having announced to a shocked Coronation Street that she and ex-gigolo Lewis are once more an item, Audrey doesn't do things by halves. She wants  David to sign back the hair salon to her to help fund a round the world cruise for herself and "ex-gigolo" Lewis, or "Raffles, here" (nice touch - the  'gentleman thief) as an unimpressed Gail called him. The smug knowing look on Lewis's face as he learnt that Audrey planned to squander what amounts to her fortune on a few outings to the Captain's table in the Caribbean was a sight to behold. He certainly wasn't, as a gentleman probably should, trying to talk her out of it - the old Lewis, living the high life funded by the largesse of smitten older ladies, survives! Audrey's reasoning was that she and Lewis didn't seem to be  welcome in the Street any more and the reaction to their union was in general one of prurient disgust. "Are they back together?" said Deirdre. "Well their tongues are," noted Tracy, charmingly. 

Meanwhile Ken - for no better reason than he was annoyed that Tracy was squandering Deirdre's money on shopping trips - got drunk with Steve in the Rovers (downing a whole pint in one - shock horror!) and then quit home dramatically to move into bachelor's quarters with new chum Steve -   excellent, this promises some good comedy to come.

Rita, wisely, rejected busybody Mary's carefully printed out but ghastly plans for a hen night - featuring a pink limousine with suspension checked in case  of  possible osteoporosis "because of the age of the bride." In a lovely put down, Rita  said she'd prefer "just a few drinks in the Rovers for close friends"  - eyeing Mary with a gimlet eye when she said it with an emphasis on the world close.  Mary then fled hastily.

Karl told unhappy wife Sunita, who is vamping around in very  low cut tops, that he in fact had enjoyed their kiss in the car - alert to forthcoming affair now is on fast forward to green for go!

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Anonymous said...

My goodness there was a lot of drinking going on last night! Barely a scene without someone with a glass in their hand or opening a bottle. It's not something that usually bothers me or even registers with me, but last night was so over the top it did!
Having said that I had to chuckle on plenty of occasions as there were some excellent lines!

Looney Baloon said...

A lot of drinking and a lot of cleavage on display yesterday - its turning into Soddom and Gommarah Street!

Lisa F said...

I for one am getting sick of Corrie writers and there obsession with affair storylines!!!! It has been that long since the Carla/Peter storyline and the Eileen and Paul storyline is still on going not sure if that counts as a full on affair but still.....come on corrie lets have something other than affairs!!!

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