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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, March 12 2012

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update of Weatherfield wotsits.  

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And so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Frank’s body’s found stone cold dead on the factory floor and the police are all over the place. There’s lights flashing, cops swarming and Norris gawping.  He’s even handing out bon-bons in exchange for gossip from anyone who knows anything, but nobody does.  Carla’s hauled to the cop shop as her fingerprints are found all over the whisky bottle that’s been used to kill Frank.  Mind you, her fingerprints can be found all over most of the whisky bottles in the north-west.  Unable to bear that Carla might have murdered Frank, Peter turns himself in to the rozzers and tells them he did it and that’s when things turned a bit Spartacus in our house. “I am Frank Foster’s killer”.  “No, I am Frank Foster’s killer,” well you get the gist.  I had to open a new packet of gypsy creams, the tension was that high.   Frank’s mum Anne is beside herself with worry as the contract Frank signed to buy Carla’s Underworld shares has gone missing.  Turns out Michelle nicked it from Frank’s briefcase before he was killed and she had it all the time. She gives it to Carla who burns it, leaving the factory in her capable hands for the time being, anyroad.

Best story of the week, for this fan, has been Dennis proposing to Rita. Or rather, Rita letting Dennis know she wanted to be proposed to. And so he asked and she said yes.  Norris turns rather sniffy about the whole thing, as you knew he would,  he’s jealous of course and wonders if he’ll go to the wedding. “I’m hardly Dennis’ best man,” he mopes to Rita, “No,” she tells him, “But you are mine.” And with that she gives Norris a little note pad to write down his jottings for his wedding speech. Norris gives her a lovely look, puts the little note pad back on the Kabin shelf and takes a much larger one instead. A lovely little scene.  At their engagement party at the Bistro, Dennis makes a smashing speech about how he and Reet met all those years ago. “To Rita Littlewood,” he says, raising his glass. “Who sang and danced and was the apple of my eye.” To Rita, indeed, and long may she reign.

Over at the Rovers, Karl’s new satellite dish causes havoc with radio reception at Streetcars. No one likes the new telly apart from Karl, and Stella tells him to take it down, but he won’t, not just yet.  He nips out one night to the casino and takes Sunita along for the ride. Karl doesn’t tell Stella and Sunita doesn’t tell Dev.  It’ll just end in tears, you know.  It’s clear that Karl’s in some sort of gambling debt too and he tries to fiddle Rita out of more money for her engagement party at the Rovers than Rita wants to pay. But you can’t pull the wool over Big Red’s eyes and she gives him short shrift, telling him “Party’s off!”.

At Nick’s Bistro, money goes missing from the till and everyone assumes that Lewis has stolen it, but he hasn’t. It’s money that Eva’s taken from the till to go shopping for food. Gail and Nick turn on Lewis and even Audrey’s not best pleased to think she was starting to trust Lewis and then he goes and nicks from Nick’s. But when she finds out he didn’t, well, she gets that glint in her eye again and pops round to his for a canoodle on the candlewick.

Eileen’s doing her utmost to keep her fella sweet but it ain’t easy when her fella’s wife is living with them, even if she doesn’t know where she is half the time. Because the other half of the time, she does, and therein lies Eileen’s problem.  I’m loving this storyline because it’s exposing Eileen’s need, greed and selfishness for a man, any man, while highlighting how devastating Alzheimer’s Disease can be, not just for the person who’s suffering from it but also for their family and friends.

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Danny-K said...

Question - It's timely to ask if it hasn't before now:

Is Norris jealous because he doesn't want anyone he personally knows to be happier than himself?
- Or . . .

Or is he so 'timidly' in love with Rita, and lacking all courage to ask her to contemplate marrying him instead, and also knowing it a doomed and futile venture he eschews humilating himself, that he's come to settle for having her company all to himself; that is until now?

In other words - does Norris regard Rita as 'his' wife in all but name?

Humpty Dumpty said...

I think there was a storyline with Norris and two pals, and they all asked Rita to marry them. Anyway, Norris has declared his love previously and it was spurned.

Anonymous said...

Omigod, I would hope Rita would never settle for Norris! Ugh!!

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear Mr Swindley being mentioned in this episode !!

Anonymous said...

When Rita was crying over Dennis, it was so sad so I'm happy to see them getting hitched.
Didn't Emily look smashing at their little engagement party?
Peter and Carla..amazing chemistry between these two. Glad to see Aud and Lewis back in she said "Life is too short".
Can Eileen sink and lower? What's with the cleavage and tons of war-paint? Gaaggg. Get rid of this pathetic storyline before you have to axe Eileen..we'll all end up hating her guts!

Great viewing this week IMO

ChiaGwen said...

LOL!...yes what about that cleavage of Eileen's sandwiched between Marcus and Sean with knees up, feet on table....weird camera angle. I think Eileen is delusional regarding Paul. Evident that Paul still loves and is in love with his wife, now going to work nights so he can look after Lesley during the day....but when would he sleep and I guess it doesn't matter then that there would be no time for Eileen and their rumpeh-pumpeh. Oh Eileen, get rid of both of them and get some dignity.


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