Friday, 30 March 2012

Coronation Street episode review, Thursday March 29

It's Coronation Street's answer to the Odd Couple. But slobby, fry-up loving Steve was rapidly tiring of his fusspot new "roomy", kimono-clad Ken, with his offers of healthy lentil casserole home cooking and old man confessions that "my bladder's not what it used to be". Deirdre was, it seems, not sorry to be rid of her husband either - "so you're not dead then, pity", she snarled at him,, dumping his belongings on him and revelling in some girly bonding with daughter Tracy over croissants and a Thorn Birds video. Some good comic touches here.
Relations between Audrey and her daughter and grandson David continued to deteriorate, with Gail (and the scriptwriters) excelling themselves in her  verbal putdowns of Lewis: "Latter day Dick Turpin" ... "floppy haired rip off merchant."
Nice touch when grumpy old Sylvia melted and fluttered in the presence of Lewis as she served him his grilled mushrooms and scrambled egg on toast breakfast ( you just know he wouldn't go for a fry up) and asked him in her most genteel voice: "Any condiments?" as if she was serving Prince Charles.

After a row, Audrey ended up tearing up the contract  which gave David ownership of the salon while Kylie, or "Lady Macbeth" as Audrey called her, urged David to see a solicitor over the matter. Meanwhile Audrey decided to have the locks changed on the salon to keep her grandson  out. Happy families, eh!

Lesley got on well with Tracy's young daughter Amy who visited and  seemed like her old perky self. But later had a tantrum when the child had gone, imagining that Amy was her niece and Eileen had "stolen" a picture of her, cutting herself accidentally with a knife in the process. Eileen meanwhile was whinging to Steve that  Paul's life revolved round the needs of Lesley rather than herself  - but she IS his wife and you're only the fancy woman, remember, Eileen! It will all end in tears.

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ChiaGwen said...

Fab acting by the actress portraying Leslie and that's the only good thing about this sleazy storyline - Paul and Eileen acting like a married couple with the 'real' wife sat there....wrong on so many levels.

Maybe Tracy and Amy should move back in with Diedrie and let Ken share the house with Beth and Craig....Craig doesn't like school and Ken sees himself as an academic....perfect pair!

Anonymous said...

I had a very strange sense of dejavu throughout this entire episode..can't figure it out though. I am having it again, writing on a blog about having dejavu about an episode of Corrie that I know I haven't seen before...or have I?

Very odd I must say.

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