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Monday, 19 March 2012

Coronation Street: Frank Foster's killer is revealed tonight

We've had months of build-up on this storyline and weeks of speculation over who killed Frank Foster. And tonight in Coronation Street, all will be revealed when we find out the answer to the question Who Killed Frank Foster?

Polls voted by fans both here on the Coronation Street Blog and over on Digital Spy have leaned heavily to fans thinking it is Frank's mum Anne Foster who's killed Frank. But would a mother kill her own son? Or is she as mad as Frank undoubtedly is?  Other fans think it could have been his girlfriend Jenny who's killed Frank.

ITV posited five suspects for fans to ponder on - Kevin Webster, Sally Webster, Michelle Connor, Carla Connor and Peter Barlow. 

As we now know, it can't have been Peter as he was with his counsellor from the Alcoholics Anonymous group. And we know it can't be Sally because we've all seen the pictures of Sally lying unconcious after the killer tries to attack her, we'll see that happen tonight.  That also rules out Kevin Webster as the killer because Kev wouldn't attack Sally, especially if they're going to get married again.

And so tonight, Monday 19 March, all will be revealed. I'm still torn as to who is the killer. I had long thought it was Anne but am veering towards Jenny now. I know I could be wrong.

Well done to ITV and Coronation Street for making Who Killed Frank Foster one of Corrie's best kept secrets - and out of the tabloids - in a very long time.

See also: Actor Andrew Lancel interviews Frank's killer on radio on Thursday night this week.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Why oh why do we always get swamped with blogs all about the same subject? It makes it very hard to read them all.

Anonymous said...

Just don't read the blog if it annoys you! Personally, I love the whole site. Keep it all coming!

fascinatakat said...

oh Frosty, moaning again? Quelle surprise ! This blog is GREAT and how dare you complain when it's free, due to the hard voluntary work of others ! Keep up the good work guys x
Oh I do hope it doesn't turn out to be Anne, how about the killer turns out to be jenny, and Anne caught her in the act and kept her a prisoner in the basement of the house in Didsbury, not going to the police as she heard Frank confess to the rape and she couldn't blame jenny for losing it. And that's who Sally finds.
That's it..... I've cracked it :)

Glenda Young said...

Morning Frosty! Always a pleasure to see your smiling comments ;-)

Tvor said...

The only way Carla could keep the factory (and let's face it, what else is there for her outside of her "love" life) is if the killer is Anne. Even if the solicitor didn't have the signed contract, he would have remembered drawing up the paperwork after all.

Anonymous said...

It's Anne -money on it.

Cobblestone said...

It doesn't seem to me credible that it could be Jenny as she has played (rather bewilderingly) absolutely no part in the police investigation. If she were to be the killer, surely the writers would have taken the opportunity to toy with the viewers by involving her a bit more. I'd love it to be her - as I said in an earlier post, 'this year's Taxi driver', but I fear it must be Anne. Such a shame as I'd love Gwen taylor to stick around (or at least return after her theatre tour).
Carla COULD keep the Faktry if Anne were not the killer - it doesn't matter if the solicitor remembers drawing up the contract. He was not present when it was signed and in the absence of that piece of paper, the transaction is void. Of course, that doesn't explain why the police failed to find Carla's copy of the contract when they searched the bookie's flat. Can't imagine she destroyed it prior to hearing of Frank's murder as it was all that would guarantee she received the paltry sum he was to pay her. But she would later be under no obligation to produce it.

Dubcek said...

Of course, that doesn't explain why the police failed to find Carla's copy of the contract.
I may be missing something here but the way it was presented on screen it seemed that there was only ever one copy of the contract and Frank had it.

Anonymous said...

i think its Anne aor Jeny cant decide! :)

kickingrabbit said...

Hurray for these blogs and those who legitimately contribute!! :)


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