Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Which Corrie character will triumph in the Blog's countdown?

Hello all!

I hope you have all voted for your favourite Coronation Street characters in the ten polls - the last one has now closed. It's been a long process - it began in January and here we are - it's nearly Easter! But I hope you've enjoyed voting as much as I've been enjoying watching the votes coming in. And they have, there's been an average of 434 votes for each poll. And so, let's have your predictions!

Who do you think will be at number one of our favourite Corrie characters? Hilda? Vera? Ken Barlow? Swindley? Or maybe Uncle Albert? And who'll be in the top 10? Leave a comment!

The countdown will begin next Monday, 26 March. Two characters will be revealed every weekday until we reach the top 20 and then it'll be just one every weekday until we reach number one. Thanks for your support. And don't hesitate to express your delight or disgust at the positions the characters will be.

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Dolly Tubb said...

Oooh, hope it's Hilda for number 1! Or perhaps Vera, not fussed really.

I wonder if voting for Ken Barlow would be the same if it had been held after all the lurid revelations? :)

Great poll, thanks CSC - looking forward to the results!

Anonymous said...

Oh I was hoping after you got the top two from each poll, there would be more polls selecting another two each week narrowing it down week after week.

Anyone but Sally or Norris. Hopefully Jack Duckworth :)

Anonymous said...

Surely Hilda will be in the top 10, along with Elsie Tanner, Bet Lynch, Jack Duckworth, Steve McDonald, Raquel Wolstenhulme, Betty Hotpot, Dreary, Rita Sullivan and...ooh who shall I pick for the last one? Gail? Sally, Ken? Stan, Blanche? No, it really isn't easy, and whatever you may think of some current cast members, one thing the poll has done is to highlight how many great characters there are/have been over the years. Can't wait to see who you have all picked!

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