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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Would you visit a Corrie fan convention in the UK?

Doctor Who fans have been meeting this weekend in their thousands at an official convention in Cardiff. The weekend event at the Wales Millennium Centre has attracted fans from as far away as the US, Australia and New Zealand. And it included the chance to meet stars of the show, see behind the scenes, get insights into their favourite show and meet some of the staff, including the Producer, who work on the programme.

Billed as the "ultimate Doctor Who fan event", the convention included panel sessions, discussions with key cast members as well as members of the creative team such as directors, scriptwriters and special effects experts.  You can read more on the Doctor Who convention at the BBC website.

Now then, I don't know about you, but I'm dead jealous.  I want one of these for Coronation Street fans and wonder if we've ever had anything like it before in the UK? I know Canada gets their share of visiting current and ex-Corrie actors doing the rounds to promote the show and meet the fans, but as far as I know, we've never had the opportunity to do this as fans in the UK. 

So what do you think, Corrie fans?  Would you attend an official Corrie convention if one were to be arranged, say before ITV moves the show from the present set to the new one at MediaCity? What sort of events would you like to see included and what's the maximum price you'd pay to attend?

We very much welcome your thoughts so please do leave comments below.

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Greg said...

I'd probably quite enjoy a corrie convention - a nice mixture of old and new cast, some stage talks, signings and photo oppurtunities. Around £50 for a day ticket would be reasonable, but the Dr Who one was around 150 - not bad for what you get, and they are fab

Humpty Dumpty said...

I would love to attend a corrie convention but I'm cynical. Granada, a commercial organisation, might hijack it to sell lots of merchandise,charge for extras etc. As well as the things Greg suggests, I'd like to see a place for fans to contribute ideas for story lines.

Glenda Young said...

I think merchandise would be an integral part of a convention, like a huge Corrie shop which I think would be great ;-)

Dolly Tubb said...

Yay! and we could all come dressed as our favourite character (he he!!)

Anonymous said...

I think a convention is a amazing idea. Can't believe no ones thought of it before. I don't think you need much merchandise idea, just great speeches from Corrie/cast crew!

Anonymous said...

i think its a good thing to do but i dont see any reson why thire cant be a coronation st fan blog convention and ask granada if we could do one and ask if they aprove of it and ask them could they send cast members down or get cast what have been in it the rocky horror fan club do conventions and they do a rocky horror picnic were the film was filmed and they do a meet and greet with richard o brian and in the evening they show the film maybe thire could be done on something of the same lines were thirs a meet and greet and a talk and asking questions about corrie and mybe a coronation street workshop were you can bee in a scean maybe pulling a paint in a moc up rovers . or do a mock up corrie set but with trading stand like one stand could be the caabin selling sweets and on a nother stand could be the rovers return were you can get drinks and food from and devs shop were you can get all corrie merch from and prices i would be prpared to pay are £10 -£20 pound and maybe do a £5. pound meet and greet and talk ticket

thats my suggeston

martin spencer

Vince said...

This is a fab idea... I'd love to help if anyone is interested in chatting about it. I've run some events in the past and love the sound of this, it could be a really fun project. My email is if anyone wants to get in touch about it, maybe we could setup a committee and do it ourselves, or at least present it to Granada.

Glenda Young said...

Thanks Vince, might just take you up on that, still giving this a lot of thought and I have another person of influence interested too so we could all three of us chat and I have another couple of VIP people in mind who might well be interested in helping organise.

Anonymous said...

I would be interested. Especially if it were this summer as I'm over in the UK then.

Tvor said...

Depending on the content, i would definitely consider it. If it's just an opportunity to shop, then i wouldn't but if it featured cast members, even former ones, or other events, (and a visit to the set, even if it was the current one after ITV moves to MediaCity!) it would be worth it. I've attended similar things that a group of friends all went together and organized for ourselves, which included Mark's bus tour, a visit to the set, a ping party and doing day trips from Manchester with our group of friends as well) They were a bit different than an organized convention but then there were only 35 to 50 people, as well and it was a private function.

Anonymous said...

Yes I would be interested too.
But there is a BUT.
Rid the Street of Billy Roache, why is he still there?
Prancing about and boasting?

joeydoo said...

YEs would definitely attend . Im a huge Who fan too, so I keep a balance between the two. Im a corrie fan from the US and not an expat, very few of us. Would like to meet these the most:
Ray-Neville buswell
Ernest-Steve bishop
Suzie-Cheryl murray
Mike-Johnny Briggs
Kathy jones-Trish
Eddie yeats-Geoff hughes
Renee- Madge hindle
Becky-Kat kelly
Raquel- Sarah lancashire
mavis-Thelma Barlow
Amanda barrie-Alma
Jean alexander
Bev callard-Liz
Suranne jones-Karen
Jack-Bill tarmey
Vera-Liz dawn
Jim-Charlie lawson

Anonymous said...

Yes would love to attend put a package together for overseas fans,
Must have some past and present actors to meet and a visit to the set included to be worth coming over.

Greg said...

I was glad when I saw this as 'corriecon' (As I shall henceforth refer to it) is something I've thought about for a long time, but never had the facilities to do it. Would love it to come off. Felt I should comment as the list of actors joeydoo posted is so similar to the one I've always imagined in my head - particularly Madge Hindle, as I'm a big Renee Roberts fan

Anonymous said...

Hello as a big fan i can't believe this hasnt been thought of before, it would be wonderful to beable to see the old set one last time, i remember visiting it when it was open to the public and it was amazing and the amount of people who have said they would have loved to have seen it is unbelieveable. Please set up one last public visit and what would make it extra special is to have some or all the casts as a one off send of to the old street after all you believe the public votes matter to our most loved soaps. I would pay between £20 and £40 a ticket. I think it would be a blast. Go on do it for all us fans in groups if possible so people get to see everything, nothing worse than having to stand in a line for hours hoping to get a glance at the street and cast. PLEASE PLEASE DO IT. Thankyou. Me and my mum never miss an episode even if we have to tape it, we never miss.


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