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Friday, 23 March 2012

Coronation Street episode review, Thursday March 22

Dev's romantic night out with Sunita  was ruined when his reluctant babysitter, his truculent student dropout daughter Amber, decided to hold a rowdy party chez Dad for her mates ... while the children she was supposed to be looking after cowered upstairs. Arriving home, Dev and, especially Sunita, were, rightly, furious, and Sunita laid in to her stepdaughter with "How could you?". As she and Sunita rowed, a seemingly unrepentant Amber announced she was leaving Coronation Street - the character, always unsympathetic since her return to the street and that unconvincing lesbian love triangle storyline with Sophie, will be no loss.

Meanwhile, Sally was in a coma at the hospital and may need a brain operation. As worried Kevin and daughter Sophie kept a vigil by her bedside, he told Sophie that he cared about his estranged wife "more than anything". Could yet another Sally/Kev reunion be on the cards?

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Anonymous said...

Hospital scenes ... I think if my Mum was in hospital in a coma, with possible brain damage, I would make a beeline to see her. Shouldn't the writers have had Rosie on the 1st train home? A small glitch in the storyline.
~JB in Canada

Glenda Young said...

And where's baby Jack gone?

Dolly Tubb said...

Kevin has the kind of childcare that most women can only dream of. Must be something to do with the £100,000 lottery win that's never mentioned these days.

Loony Baloon said...

Oh dear internal bleedin on the brain, isnt that what Stella had after being run over by Carla and lo and behold she was recovered and serving behind the bar in a week? This dramatic scenes at Weathy General are no longer realisic I am afraid.

abbyk said...

The hospital scenes had a very large Rosie-shaped hole; this is where the Webster girls were best together. Can't believe Sophie wasn't at least madly texting her. Hmmm, Bill and Gail should have been hovering outside, too.

The only good thing about the Alahans was the angry neighbors. The word wife came up; again, when did they remarry??? Sorry, as horrible as Amber is, she's living on her own. You ask if she can babysit.

On a shallow note, Fiz's brighter hair color looks great. Hope she regains more of her former spark.

ChiaGwen said...

Although it was a blip in the scene I have to say Dr. Renshaw (I think that was her name) seemed the most believable doctor I have seen on Corrie and I wanted to slap Sophie for her rudeness...I think she managed a low grunt or something along those lines when the doctor was talking to her...bring back Rosie and get rid of that whiney, pouty Sophie with the undiscernable speech pattern.

Anonymous said...

That texting idea would've been perfect and a very plausible thing the girls would've been doing. That would plugged up that small storyline hole nicely!

And I agree - Gail's her friend, isn't she? And what about others? Emily? Rita? Nice ladies who would do hospital visits. Unless she's in intensive care and can't have visitors?

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

I think Dev and Sunita's kids weren't cowering, they were enjoying watching the party without supervision! The traditional kid's on the stairs watching the adults and learning about life (just a bit of sarcasm in that sentence!).

Anonymous said...

They must have a reserved bed for Coronation Street at Weatherfield General.

Anonymous said...

That family sure likes to spend time in that hospital. Given how many, how often, and how quickly residents recover from deadly ailments, I don't blame Rosie for not bothering to show up. Besides, she'd probably have to forfeit her space in the reality show and she'd have none of that, I'm sure. These storylines are starting to become a bore, particularly because they lead to nothing. The best we could hope for is that Sally wakes with a personality transplant or permanent inability to speak.

Danny-K said...

What Carla should have said -

I can start back at work straight away, if you like.

Back at work so soon, while you're still semi-comatose? How will I ever tell the difference?

Tvor said...

Awww do you know, that scene between Carla and Sally was really nice. I really liked it.


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