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Monday, 26 March 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 26th March 2012

Coronation Street, Monday 26th March at 7.30pm

AUDREY FACES THE MUSIC BUT DECIDES TO CALL A NEW TUNE. Their secret out Audrey tells Lewis she doesn't care what people think. As they brazen it on the street friends and family are stunned. But Gail's furious and a row breaks out in the Bistro which ends with Nick sending Gail home to cool off. But when Gail comes face to face with them in the Rovers she's far from cool. Appalled by what's happening Lewis makes a passionate speech about how he loves Audrey. Will the Platts be moved? Nick plays mediator but Gail's convinced Lewis will break Audrey's heart again and pleads with her mum not to make another mistake. Will she get through to Audrey or will Audrey stand firm over her feelings for Lewis?
TRACY’S ACTIONS CAUSE A BARLOW BATTLE. As Tracy bemoans her financial state to Deirdre she invites her round for tea and sympathy. Ken accuses her of freeloading as usual. Deirdre defends her daughter but Ken's had enough as old resentments come to the fore.
KARL FORGIVES SUNITA, BUT CAN DEV? A guilty Sunita apologises to Dev for storming out after their row before heading to work. At the pub the tension is palpable as Karl and Sunita are forced to work together. Getting a moment Sunita apologises for making a move but while Karl's very gentlemanly about it the sexual tension crackles. Can they put their kiss behind them?
Elsewhere when Marcus wonders if Sean's had any second thoughts about adoption will he get the response he's hoping for?

Monday 26th March at 8.30pm

IT’S ALL OUT WAR AT THE PLATTS’. Audrey's set on getting away as she and Lewis plan a round the world cruise. But first she needs funds and all her money is tied up in the salon, which she signed over to David, so she just needs to get him to sign it back before they can proceed! Calling a family meeting at the Platts Audrey explains her plans but David's outraged, convinced Lewis is behind this and is after her money. Steely Audrey reaffirms the salon is hers and was only ever signed over to him in name only. The Platts are horrified as she insists she'll have her accountant bring round the paperwork in the morning. But will David agree to sign?
STEVE’S DRUNKEN ADVICE COMES BACK TO HAUNT HIM. As Ken and Steve drown their sorrows over the complexities of living with women a tipsy Steve tells Ken there's always a place for him at his flat if the going gets tough. Back at home Ken finds Deirdre giving more money to Tracy and rails at her for sponging off them. A row erupts which ends in Ken walking out. But how will Steve react when he finds Ken on his doorstep for real?
MARCUS AND MARIA BOND OVER AN EASTER BUNNY. When Maria admits she has no time to help Liam prepare for his Easter Fair at nursery Marcus offers his help, and Sean's services in making a costume. Maria's thrilled but will Sean be quite as pleased?
Elsewhere Dev and Sunita sit down to talk about the state of their relationship, will they resolve their differences? Eileen admits to Julie that she's finding the situation with Paul and Lesley difficult, especially seen as they don't get to spend any time together now he's working nights.

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1 comment:

Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh dear yet ANOTHER row at the Bistro! What was the point of Aud signing over the salon to David if she just wants it back when it suits? And why are contracts NEVER drawn up in front of solictors on Corrie, they are supposed to be legal documents - dah or you may as well write them on a post-it. DAH!


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