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Monday, 26 March 2012

Top 60 Corrie Characters - No 60 and 59

With thanks to everyone who voted in all of our polls here on the Coronation Street Blog over the last few weeks as we aimed to find out some of your favourite Corrie characters of all time. And now... the poll results in reverse order.

60. Brian Tilsley 1978-1989 (7 votes)

Gail’s first husband who met a grisly end when he was stabbed to death outside a nightclub in 1989. His proudest moment was when son Nicky was born in 1980. He did believe daughter Sarah Louise (b. 1987) was fathered by his Australian cousin Ian Latimer but a DNA test proved Brian was the father. ‘Our Brian’ was often caught in the crossfire between Anglican wife Gail and dominant Catholic mother Ivy. A mechanic, he ran a garage in partnership with Ron Sykes from 1982 to 1989.

Should Brian be at 60? Were you a fan of him? Leave a comment!

59. Leonard Swindley 1960-1965 (11 votes)

The pompous draper who managed Gamma Garments under Mr Papagopolous and worked alongside Emily Nugent who admired him from afar. She made a leap year proposal in 1964 but later jilted him. A member of the Glad Tidings Mission committee, he constantly clashed with the caretaker Ena Sharples, most prominently when he caught her drinking in the snug during working hours. He left the street in 1965 when he got a new job – in Wilmington on Sea perhaps??

Should Swindley be at 59? Do you remember him in Corrie? Were you a fan? Leave a comment!

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Tvor said...

Kind of difficult to say where they *should* be since we didn't have a full list of characters to choose from, rather, just a selected group each time. Obviously Corriepedia used a much larger list.

Tilsley was forgetable. Swindley was a good character. Pompous in the tradition that later gave us Derek Wilton, Victor Pendlebury, Norris Cole (moreso in his early days), and lately, Brian Packham.

Glenda Young said...

I don't think we should be comparing the results of Corriepedia or any other websites, good as they are and I have nothing against the other sites. These are the results for the Coronation Street Blog and are therefore unique to our site and our readership. Looking forward to the top 10 though!

Llifon said...

I've deleted the comparable results now :) As not having a varied list, I think there was a good representation of characters from each period (I would've loved to put Karen McDonald, Martin Platt, Maggie Clegg, Jerry Booth, Des Barnes) but it would just go on and on. Of the 'should' question, what I'm asking is should they be in that position i.e. does Brian and Swindley deserved to be in the bottom two or do they deserve a higher spot. But I respect your opinion Tvor. :)

David said...

I do like Brian but he was overshadowed by Gail and Ivy. Swindley OTOH would probably make my top ten, the dark horse of the original cast.

Llifon said...

I agree David. Personally he would've been very high on my list too. One of those classic characters who doesn't get much credit. Probably not known to many as he had left in 1965.

Anonymous said...

Never reckoned much on Brian Tilsley to be honest, (abit wooden)
Leonard Swindley was a great character, It was nice to hear Emily mention him a couple of weeks ago, when she was sitting in the bistro at Rita and Dennis' party.

Dolly Tubb said...

Agree with the general feeling that Brian's result is OK, but it's a shame Leonard Swindley isn't higher. A very worthy character but there again, I didn't vote for him! Great that he got at least a look in - with Corrie's long and 50 year illustrious past it must have been a difficult choice of who to include!


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