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Friday, 30 March 2012

Things I loved about Corrie tonight

Steve coping with his new roomie.
Deirdre stubbing out her ciggie in the Ken cup.
Eileen giggling about Steve's new roomie and finally, a renewal of their friendship!
The Bickering Barlow's split over the lazy freeloading daughter.
Gail hating an atmosphere when she's the one causing most of it.
Lewis being perfectly charming, oily and smooth. I still don't trust he's changed!
Sylvia instructing Tracy on manners.
Tracy and Deirdre eating take out and giggling over Ken's kimono.

Audrey and David falling out. That's kind of sad really. They've been so close but he really does believe Lewis is out to fleece her.
Audrey calling Kylie "Lady Flamin' MacBeth"
Gail getting drunk in the Bistro.
In fact, I'm going to love this whole storyline! Stonefaced Gail, Kylie MacBeth pouring poison in David's ear, Audrey defending Lewis and fighting everyone with only Nick on her side. The War of the Salon begins!

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Anonymous said...

Just watched Thursday 29th March episode with a struggle.

Am I the only person who doesn't like the idea that the camera operator is always moving around all of the time on the corrie cast and spoiling the atmosphere from the storylines?

Sorry to say this, but I think some 'Composition in Photography' training is required to those camera operators.

Anonymous said...

I am not liking the constant hints about Audrey's health that Lewis is dropping. If it is going to be a health storyline twist, fine. But with this lot, I hope it is not a gaslighting/poison storyline. We have had enough crime for a while.

ChiaGwen said...

Oh I'm not liking those hints about Audrey's health from Lewis either - hope he's not planning an 'accident' during the cruise :-( I wish Nigel Havers would be a long term character - he fits in so well.

Anna in nz said...

I thought it was uncomfortable watching when Lewis was talking in the bistro and saying how everyone wants what's best for Audrey. I don't believe him!

Adam Rekitt said...

There were some very good lines in tonight's episode, the Lady Macbeth jibe being one of them. It just shows to me that the Street is at its best when portraying family/relationship conflict with great writing and humour. I wish it were like this all the time.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Hm methinks Kylie is out to protect David and herself's interest in the salon rather than concern for Aud. But she signed the salon over to David, she just cant ask for it back when it suits, if this has been done legally which I doubt as it never is in Corrie. I doubt whether Aud would have a leg to stand on. She really is a silly old fool.

chartreuse said...

I was wondering whose copy of the agreement Audrey tore up - surely not David´s who should at least have a shoebox in which to keep important documents!! Or is it normal that one person has both copies of an agreement?! Agree that Coronation Street could do with a legal advisor!!

Tvor said...

Frosty, I agree about Kylie's motives to do with the salon. I thought that too. And yes, Audrey is being a bit silly. I know people can reform but given Lewis' history, David is right to be concerned. You can't magically trust someone and it can't be earned that quickly just because someone says they've changed. Leopards, spots and all that. Earning trust takes time. Audrey should realize that.


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