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Wednesday 14 March 2012

Natalie Gumede confirms Corrie domestic abuse story

Natalie Gumede, the actress who plays Kirsty Soames on Coronation Street, regularly updates her own blog which is well worth a read.

Her latest post, called The Dark Side of Kirsty, is all about the upcoming domestic abuse storyline where Kirsty will beat up Tyrone.

Interestingly, Natalie says that the abuse storyline has been on the Corrie scriptwriter's cards for Kirsty right from the very start since Natalie joined the Street in July last year.

On her blog, Kirsty says: "I feel honoured to have been trusted with such a sensitive subject. I was never sure at what point it would come up however, or how it would come about – indeed I am only just discovering myself why Kirsty is such a damaged individual, and as of today I have no idea how the plot culminates!

"Alan (Halsall, who plays Tyrone) and I have been lucky enough to be privy to some case studies on the subject, and there is also a lot of trust between us as actors (apart from when he is playing practical jokes on me!) so I hope we are able to bring some truth to the story and do it justice. Reflecting real life is one of the many things Coronation Street does so well, particularly with difficult subject matters that often happen behind closed doors, and I think it is so important that these stories are brought to light."

It's going to be uncomfortable to watch, that's for sure. Poor Tyrone.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

This has a lot of potential. Let's hope the writing doesn't let it down. TPTB took advice on the rape story and for me that didn't work; they took advice on the Alzheimer's story and look how well that turned out. You can't get away from it; it's the writing that makes it work, even more than the acting. I hope they give some back story to Kirsty otherwise she'll become a 2-dimensional villain and we've got a sackful of them.

ChiaGwen said...

Leave it to Tina to discover marks on Tyrone consistent with being whipped by all that hair......

Anonymous said...

When did Coronation Street become a show that brings sensitive issues to the public? I always watched this show because it entertained me and for a brief 30 minutes gave respite from all the shitty things going on in the world. It doesn't give me humour or respite anymore and seems hardly entertaining. I confess I haven't really been watching for almost a year, with all the spoilers and OTT leaks it's just not a priority anymore. I find I mostly read this blog and a couple of "retro" ones that I can reminisce about and enjoy the show I used to love.

Tvor said...

I recently watched some Corrie episodes from the mid 70s. Emily brought home a woman who was beaten by her husband and she tried to convince her not to go back. The man came to the house, left the kids as well, later promised he'd never do it again but both women knew better. In the end, though, she didn't feel she had anywhere to go and went back. Emily sighed. Issues all over the place there.

Danny-K said...

I posted some time ago that Kirsty was more damaged rather than pure selfish evil (not that anyone was arguing the opposite) and went on to amuse myself by ruminating on the possible incidents that had occurred in that character's life to bring out such clear and unmistakable insecurity, for if the actress is following her brief correctly, that's what it is.

Thought I was just spitting in the wind with my amateur, cod-behavioural psychology, but here the actress vindicates that, because by her filming the latest episodes, she's at last discovering WHY Kirsty's the way she is, when she says:

"... – indeed I am only just discovering myself why Kirsty is such a damaged individual, and as of today I have no idea how the plot culminates!..."

I think we, the viewer, are being played. When we get to an apex of hissing Kirsty to death, she's going to have a spectacular breakdown, telling of the 'terrible' events that she's endured in the past, that are now emerging in her personality today.

It will encourage the viewer's empathy rather that their dislike. Can already see the writers high-fiveing each other when that happens.

It's a standard Corrie about-turn. Introduce a character off down one road only to magician-like give the character a complete personality make-over that bears no relation to what's gone before. Anyone remember Gary being introduced as a nasty, threatening,
full-on, hardened thug of a criminal?

We are being played. I bet (and don't be surprised) Kirsty morphs into Mother Theresa reincarnated -because after her beating the crap out of Tyrone she will have a 'Road to Damascus' revelation, that ensures she now 'understands other people's pain'.

- Then again, that's just me ruminating.

Danny-K said...

She also goes on to say:
"Alan.. . and I have been lucky enough to be privy to some case studies on the subject . . . so I hope we are able to bring some truth to the story and do it justice."

- That being the case, then it's likely Kirsty never changes her ways, with the general advice in the real world being that ultimately the abused spouse must be encouraged to up and leave the abuser.

- Nah, Corrie writers are addicted to making characters do a complete Volte-face in their personality. Doing 'justice' should mean leaving the abuser for good. But in soapland? - They'll find a way to 'rescue' Kirsty from her demons.

Frosty the Snowman said...

I think this could have been a good story but I always thought the actress who plays kirsty totally miscast and not believable as a love interest for Tyrone. If they had got someone credible rather than a Cheryl clone then I think this story could have had potential. Another missed opportunity for Collinson.

fascinatakat said...

Frosty the Snowman you do nowt but bloody complain! I might keel over if I ever read anything positive following the familiar sight of your moniker.
Kirsty looks nothing like Cheryl! She has similar colouring and much bigger hair and that's it! If you can't tell difference you need to get out more and mix with some new people.
This is a good twist on the old story. These stories need to keep being told as they are still happening behind closed doors on the streets of Britain. And that's what Corrie is all about.

Tvor said...

Danny you make some great points. I do think, though, that sometimes "Personality transplants" happen because a character or actor has really caught on with the viewers and they need to do something to keep them, Gary is a case in point. Mikey North really is a fantastic actor and his character sparked off everyone he was in a scene with. Same thing with Paula Lane as Kylie. She could have been just another snide Lauren (Violet's sister, appalling character) but she too was so good that i think they've reformed her and softened her to keep her.

Even Eddie Windass was an awful oik at first but Steve Huison was so good that they turned him a bit more comic.

I think Natalie is excellent, way better than her that played Cheryl who wasn't too bad but I think had to contend with awful writing and character development. I think this probably was always planned but they waited to see how she fared with the viewers and how she fit in. I'm looking forward to this storyline.

corriefanq00q said...

The actress Natalie does a great job. Her character has always come across as a vulnerable bully, a seething rage underneath a 'controled' exterior. Her character has sent excellent non verbal cues to us through the TV. Now that's talent... And here she is with the show's 'bambi' in her clutches. There is great talent here for a very gripping stryline. Good luck in pulling it off.

Danny-K said...

"And here she is with the show's 'bambi' in her clutches."

- Hee hee. Good one, corriefanq00q

Mr. Johnson said...

Frosty, it is racist thinking all black people look the same LMAO.

But anyway, Tyrone needs to get written out, such a pathetic excuse for a character. No wonder Molly cheated on him with Kevin and left him twice. He deserves all he gets and he has been warned. But apparently being a soft headed moron is meant to make us like him.

Danny-K said...

Nah, I think you're way off base there Mr Johnson, way off base.

Frosty called Kirsty:
"a Cheryl clone" that's all.
What's wrong with that? Seriously I think you owe Frosty an apology.

By 'a Cheryl clone' I took it that Frosty was inferring:

A) Both have 'big' hair.

B) Both are tall.

C) Both are admirably 'leggy' as in, their pins go all the way up to their armpits.

D) Both give off a miserable demeanour.

I did not infer from Frosty's post that Kirsty was a clone for no other reason than she was black, as you seem to have done.

Where on earth did you read racism into Frosty's post?


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