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Friday, 30 March 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 30 March 2012

Coronation Street, Friday 30th March at 7.30pm

Watch the preview video here

LESLEY GOES WALKABOUT WITH HER NEW FRIEND. Eileen's struggling alone with Lesley again and when she gets agitated about having no ketchup with her food Eileen dashes off to the shop. Meanwhile Amy's off school with a stomach ache and refusing to take her to the park Tracy's sent her into the yard for some fresh air. Spotting her 'friend' outside Lesley goes to play with Amy, offering to take her to the park herself. Eileen returns home and is horrified to see that Lesley is nowhere to be seen. As she rushes outside to look for her Tracy is also shouting for Amy. Rounding on Eileen Tracy demands to know what the mad woman has done with her daughter.
DAVID FIRES THE FIRST SALVO IN THE WAR FOR THE SALON. David's outraged to find he's been locked out of the salon. Shouting she's also removed him from the business accounts Audrey says if he wants a war he's got one. Audrey hopes he'll now back down but David and Kylie visit a solicitor who couriers a letter to Audrey making their legal position clear. How will Audrey react?
MARCUS MAKES A STAND IN DEFENCE OF MARIA AND LIAM. As Maria and Marcus take Liam to the Easter Fair they're amused as they're mistook for a couple. But Marcus is horrified when Liam's performance is cut as there isn't time. Insisting all the kids should get their turn Marcus forces the staff to back down. Maria's impressed.
Elsewhere as Ken continues to make himself at home in the flat he even suggests paying rent. Steve refuses, hoping he won't be there that long, but he's stunned when Ken insists on cleaning the flat and helping out at the cab office by way of repayment.

Friday 30th March at 8.30pm

EILEEN’S PUSHED TO BREAKING POINT WITH PAUL. As the search for Lesley and Amy continues it's Steve who finds them at the park arguing with an ice cream van owner over payment. Settling up Steve brings an agitated Lesley home. Back on the street Amy's unaware of the panic and goes to hold Lesley's hand but angry Tracy pushes Lesley away. Confronting Tracy, then Eileen, Paul's desperate for someone to blame. Inside Eileen tries to calm Lesley but Jason's had enough and lets rip at Paul claiming Lesley's a loose canon and he can't have it all; to play loyal husband while having his nursemaid-slash-mistress on the side. Alone with Eileen Paul tries to defend himself but Eileen knows Jason is right, this can't go on. What will she decide?
AUDREY MARKS HER TERRITORY. Gail's convinced David he's doing the right thing by Audrey but she's furious about the solicitor's letter and lambasts David for his selfishness, sacking him on the spot. Bringing up his past behaviour Audrey claims she should never have trusted him. She's on the attack but alone with Lewis she breaks down, David's stolen her salon and the whole family are at war. Worried for Audrey's health Lewis suggests a few days away in a B&B while the dust settles. As she hands the keys to Maria how will David react?
MARCUS AND MARIA BOND OVER LIAM. Marcus and Maria are in good spirits as they return to the street and asking Kirk to babysit they head to the pub. Seeing how happy Liam is making him Sean calls Violet and arranges for Dylan to come and stay for the week. Marcus is thrilled.
Elsewhere Ken's enjoying working on the switch and as he and Deirdre continue to argue it dawns on Steve that he's not going to rid of Ken so easily.

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Dolly Tubb said...

I suppose Audrey's situation won't be helped by her high blood pressure either.
Ooops, sorry, no, that was last week's story.......


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