Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tommy Duckworth gets a Corrie windfall

With thanks to the fab Inside Soap magazine this week, there are hints of storylines to come for Tommy Duckworth. As we might know already, Tommy and Tina are getting together.  And Inside Soap say that Tommy comes into a windfall when his grandad Jeff Horton, dies.

The magazine says: "When Tommy finds out about inheriting the cash, he's shocked  and he doesn't know what to do. He asks Tyrone for advice and he tells Tommy to spend it on something nice for him and Tina. But then Tommy turns up with a clapped-out camper van and announces that he wants to go travelling the world with Tina by his side."

Now then, my guess is that Jeff Horton's death will be what sparks the return of Tommy's dad, Terry Duckworth and that the only reason Terry will return is to either find out if Jeff has left him any money, or that he knows Jeff's estate has been left to Tommy and he comes back to Corrie to find the cash.

So, again I'm guessing here folks, could this cash then be what leads to Terry opening the lap-dancing club on Coronation Street? And if it is, does that mean Tommy and Terry go into business together? 

This could be really interestng because the only person who knows what a horror Terry Duckworth can be is Tyrone. Let's hope that Tommy and Tyrone's friendship is such that Tommy follows whatever advice Tyrone gives him when he meets up with his dad for the first time since he was a baby.

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Tvor said...

Yes i reckon Terry may have bought the property for the club but wants to get his hands on Tommy's cash as his "partner" which probably means Tommy will end up with nothing in the end.

buttercup said...

buttercup says terry duckworth is a real snake he will weasel the money out of tommy and tina will get the rest that terry dont get i am sorry to say i dont like tina she has a terrible personality and is very rude to people .dont know why i write these comments they never get posted anyway

BarrieT said...

i'm sure the 'ortons would have told tommy what a bad un R'Terry is

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