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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, March 26 2012

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update of Weatherfield wotsits.  

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And so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

News of Anne being Frank’s killer spreads more quickly than a piece of silky knicker along a factory floor.  Sally comes out of her Corrie coma and gets a visit from Carla which would have scared the living daylights out of me if I’d been laid up unconscious in a hospital bed only to come to and see that hair, that lippy grinning down at me.  But Sally seems appreciative and the two women form a very peculiar bond at the bedside.

Sunita got stonking drunk and ended up dancing on the roof of a car before the cops carted her off. Did husband Dev help his wife? Did he even pick her up from the cop shop? No he did not. He took himself home and declared himself humiliated for all is not well in the Alahan house.  Amber left this week after she threw a massive party in the house while Dev and Sunita were out and then wouldn’t apologise for her behaviour. Dev was hoping Sunita would apologise to his daughter but neither lady was for turning and so Amber left. Again.

I didn’t much care for Amber version 2. I liked Amber version 1 and let’s hope when she returns to Corrie one day, for she will as they always do, it’ll be Amber version 3 with added bits of nice.   Anyway, it’s Karl who picks up Sunita from the cop shop after she’s let off with a caution to not be drunk and disorderly in future and in the cab on the way home, Sunita and Karl share a kiss. Just a small kiss, and a very drunken one at that, but it was a kiss nonetheless.

Audrey and Lewis are well and truly back together and now everyone knows as their secret is out.  Wanting to spend the day with Lewis eating bacon butties and curled up on the sofa, Audrey throws a sickie and rings in sick to David with a cough in her throat and despair in her tone. David falls for it but Gail thinks summat’s up and insists they go round to Audrey’s house to see how she is. And that’s when they spot Lewis there and Audrey has to come clean. Gail and David aren’t best pleased and Gail tells Audrey that if she’s stepping back out with Lewis, she never wants to speak to her mother again.  It fair upsets Audrey, who tells Lewis the best thing to do is act like two grown-ups, be the adults they are and do something mature - like run away on a round-the-world cruise. Lewis, you’ll notice, doesn’t say no.  But for Audrey to get the money for the cruise, she needs David to sign the salon back over to her so that she can get the bank to release some funds. David refuses and Gail backs him up while Nick tries to act as peacemaker, and fails. Wonder if Boutros Boutros-Ghali would have had more luck?

Over at Tracy’s house, she’s chucking a mental when she finds out that Beth’s son Craig has smashed her favourite bottle of perfume and his pet rat’s running amok in her bread bin. Well, you can see why she’d be upset.  She’s so upset she storms all the way into town and spends money she doesn’t have on new stuff she doesn’t need. Ken’s had enough of his wayward step-daughter and goes drinking in the Rovers, and not just for a half, he goes for a pint - so you know things are bad. Over his pint, he gets chatting to Steve who jokes that if Ken ever needs to get away from Tracy and Deirdre he can always move into his flat with him.  And that’s exactly what Ken does, just as soon as he staggers home to tell Deirdre and Tracy he’s sick to the back teeth of them both and staggers out again with his suitcase packed full of pullovers and some nice cardigans too.

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ChiaGwen said...

Oh I was hoping Lewis would be truly reformed...I do love him and Audrey together...but doesn't look like it. Just my two cents, but how about Ken and Audrey...he has nice thick hair like Lewis..:-Q and Leanne and Steve.

Llifon said...

This Morning's Sharon Marshall did a doubtful face when discussing Lewis and Audrey. I do like him and Audrey, but I'm sure due to Nigel Havers having a guest role it'll be bye bye Lewis again. I just want Audrey to prove her family wrong!

ChiaGwen said...

Sunita must have been the fastest sobering up on record - what was it, half an hour.....sheesh.


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