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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Is Corrie's Karl the new Street hunk?

The charm of John Michie as Coronation Street's Karl Munro has not gone unnoticed. And now that we're seeing more of Karl on Corrie as he spirals into debt and into Sunita's arms, it seems that Karl is building up a fan club all of his own.

Mind you, us ladies (and men) who ogle at Karl in Corrie haven't got a great deal of hunks to choose from, have we?  I suppose Dev could be classed as a hunk if you like that sort of thing, Jason Grimshaw's a bit young for me but I see his appeal, Kevin's too mucky, Kirk's too daft, Norris and Dennis too old, Steve too ordinary and this fan welcomes the return of Craig Charles as Lloyd Mullaney because that Lloydy-boy, he does have a certain charm.

And as there's no news on the horizon of the return of my favourite Corrie man, then I'm a bit stumped for a hunk.

So that leaves ladies of a certain age with little pickings for their choice of Coronation Street Hunk. And therefore, Karl Munro, we salute you!

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cheekie said...

What about Peter? How could you forget my favourite philandering alcoholic? Although, even I admit, this whole deal with Carla has left me rethinking his hunk status in my eyes.

Llifon said...

You've also got Tommy Duckworth. From a male perspective, there are many sexy women on Corrie.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm .... Peter! Delicious! He'll be better when he comes his senses and leaves the witch.

And yep ... Karl is mighty fine!

I gotta say, I like Lewis too cuz he's smoooooooth. And probably closer to my age than the first 2!

~JB in Canada

Rachel said...

Karl's a bit Len Fairclough isn't he. A rough diamond.

Danny-K said...

Now that Tommy has thrown a very girly hissy-fit and appeared on the verge of tears upon finding that Tina had written a list of his negative traits, the title of 'only man on the street' must be Karl's for the taking.

Lloyd actually did break down in tears over Cheryl and as a consequence set fire to his sofa in a fit of rage - Tsk! The big girl!

- Owen is a psycho.
- Jim is in jail.
- Peter is an alcoholic.
- Tommy lacks confidence.

That's the thing where a soap is reknowned for it's strong northern women. Any 'strong' men trying to compete, must be brought down by automatic default as having serious physcological traits, such as alcoloisim, violent temper, mummy's boy, or overly sensitive types.

Even Karl is inching his way towards the building that adjoins the one next to the one Peter attends:
the Gamblers Anonymous clinic.

And he is not quite his own man, watching his step around she-who-must-be-obeyed
- whilst he's robbing her to feed his addiction.

abbyk said...

Marcus, except for the fact that I'm not a male, would be great company and a winner to bring home to mom & dad.

Nick might just turn into one. He's fit, good looking, relates well with just about everybody and owns a successful business. Now that he's moving out of Gail's and stopped mooning over Leanne, he needs a story. And a buddy. Lewis??

Tvor said...

I do quite like Karl in spite of his gambling. Apparently, he does have a history of cheating on Stella, she's just mentioned it this week in Canada. And yes Peter is fanciable too for Corrie. In real life, between the smoking and the booze i wouldn't go near him.

Anonymous said...

Hunk? Of what? Not in my books. Peter is a hunk oh, and Ken of course what with all the women who were just laying themselves down for him for the past 50 years or so. HA!!
Seriously...Tommy D. is a real nice looking bit but they need to do something more with his character than make him a doormat for gobby mouth Tina.

Humpty said...

Karl's got huge charisma. He looks like he could be mad, bad and dangerous, and has a decent body. Peter used to be the same till he lost his marbles; Terry also fitted the bill. David's dangerous in a scary way so he definitely isn't on the list.

Lady Godiva said...

Karl is a hunk for laydees of a certain age. Jason is a hunk for younger girls. Peter - too smelly being a smoker and stinking of drink, Nick - too prattish and a mummy's boy, Steve too middle aged now and overweight and pulls too many funny faces to be fanciable, Lewis - too wrinkly and a cretin, How about Ken the man who has bedded over a 1,000 women?


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