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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Top 60 Corrie Characters - Nos. 54 and 53

54. Albert Tatlock 1960-1984 (21 votes)

The curmudgeonly WWI veteran who’s fondly remembered for his flat cap and his usual tipple of rum. A widower, he was involved with two women during his Street tenure. He was twice engaged: to Alice Pickens in 1969 but they called off the wedding when the vicar’s car broke down and they thought they were jinxed; and to Minnie Caldwell in 1973 in a bid to solve their financial problems but Minnie grew tired of his habits. Not one to star in dramatic storylines, Albert’s life revolved his allotment and reminiscing with Minnie and Ena Sharples in the snug. He passed away while visiting daughter Beattie in 1984 and left his war medals to Ken Barlow, who’d been lodging with him since 1976 and was married to Albert’s niece Valerie from 1962 until her death in 1971.

Should Uncle Albert be at 54? Were you fond of the old grump? Leave a comment!

53. Fred Gee 1975-1984 (23 votes)

The ignorant Rovers barman and cellar man in the late 1970s and early 1980s during the Rovers’ golden age. He lost his first wife Edna in the warehouse fire in 1975 and was later hired by Annie Walker when she wanted a live-in cellar man. He married Eunice Nuttall in 1981 when he wanted to buy his own pub (he had to have a wife) but when his application was rejected the marriage soon ended. He was the only male member of Rovers staff and was constantly ridiculed by his co-workers and the regulars. He liked to see himself as the boss but Annie dominated him, Bet Lynch ridiculed him and Betty Turpin didn’t hide her contempt of him. He was sacked from his post by Billy Walker in 1984. He later worked for Mike Baldwin but was later sacked and left the area.

Should Fred be at 53? Do you remember him behind the Rovers bar? Leave a comment!

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Ado said...

Arh, yes. Dear old Uncle Albert from the Golden days of Corrie. I always thought that subsequent character Percy Sugden was a cardboard cut out, almost an unimaginative replica of Albert Tatlock and paled into insignificance!

David said...

Where are the women?

Llifon said...

Well, it's a sign that it's indeed the women who are the best characters. Don't worry, they'll come! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, for me the Rovers "golden age" was when Jack and Annie ran it in the 1960s. Must Coronation Street bloggers pass off their opinions as fact? It's a lovely blog, but this fact does grate a little.

Anonymous said...

Ado: Ah yes, Albert was so like Percy wasn't he? Charging around the neighbourhood sticking his nose into people's business? Uncle Albert did it all the time. Not.

David said...

Anonymous - that's okay, Corrie is big enough for more than one golden era!

I was surprised to see Fred in the poll as he usually gets left out even though people remember with fondness the Annie-Bet-Betty-Fred setup in the Rovers (and I expect the others will score high if there's any justice!). It was only when Fred arrived though that the comedy was turned up to eleven. He was very well used even if he wasn't all that likable.

Albert is a legend. More so in the 70s - he was a bit nicer in the 60s and not as interesting IMO. He's remembered for his grumpiness but like Blanche he had tender moments too.


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