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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Off to the wasteland?

Friday’s double-bill saw the Alahan clan coming to the fore and the (second) departure of Amber Kalirai.

Now, I know Amber wasn’t the most popular character on the Street but I liked her and I’m going to miss her. Sure, her return was only ever going to be a plot device to split up Sophie and Sian (something that could have been done minus poor Amber getting involved) but I’ve enjoyed her return (along with her added attitude) and I’m sad to see her axed for the second time.

I think one of the reasons why she has gone is because she was never given a chance to do anything bar argue with Sunita and kiss Sophie a couple of times. Amber was cool and savvy and I think that they could have axed several characters before her (Sean and Kirk anyone?) and more importantly they could have at least given her a decent exit. It all seemed very rushed and sloppy (as did the sudden martial problems between Dev and Sunita but that's another story) and not at all realistic at least not as a permanent exit.
So what should have been done differently? Well, I would have liked for her to have integrated more with some of the other younger characters, David and Tina for example. I never really liked the pairing of Amber and deadwood Tommy Duckworth last year but at least it was something. Since then all Amber ever seemed to do was have to endure Sunita being a total cow to her or moan about Sophie and Sian. I never understood was why they paired Amber with Sophie in the first place since they were never shown to be great friends during Amber’s original stint. It felt very forced and I think Amber could have benefited from having her own storylines instead of just facilitating others.

And now we have her exit leading to the affair between Karl and Sunita. I know she wasn’t the strongest character on the show but Amber deserved better and hopefully if she does return in the future she does so as her own character because even now she’s gone she is being used as a plot device to lead to the affair.

I hate to do posts like this where I moan about something, but I felt the need to have a little grumble over Amber’s departure and how she has been wasted over the last twelve months.

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Dubcek said...

It's obviously all down to Collinson's great storylines, the guy has no clue as to what the Street's all about.
He's got so much deadwood in the Street now such as Dev and Kevin to mention just two that could be culled without anyone noticing that they were gone.
I just wish he'd get a clue and sort something out with the storylines, this latest one with Gail just barging into her mother's house and laying down the law as if she were the parent and not the child is just ridiculous.

njblas said...

I couldn't agree more David. Nikki Patel is a very good actress, and it wasn't her fault the producer and writers decided to re-invent her character as a bi-sexual temptress. When it didn't work out they lost interest in her. Claiming her character has reached the end of her storyline is a poor excuse, and simply a coverup for their own ineptitude. Let's hope she comes back in the future - as the real Amber, not the reworked version!

Anonymous said...

I agree ... she sort of just drove off and Dev crying and then comes home to a right cow Sunita giving him the gears. Then she's off to the Rovers sloshing back wine and shock of shocks, Stella sticks her nose in and they're off to the Bistro for even more drinks? How much sense did that make? Sunita on top of a car like a lunatic ranting and raving when I've never seen her even tipsy before. That's sloppy scripwriting right there. Slam..end of story so off you go.Let's give Sunita a personality transplant and make her a slut - like there aren't enough on the street already. Viewers are scratching their heads wondering if they missed anything.
The whole Karl/Sunita/Stella debacle that is to play out for the next few months is going to do my head in.

Anonymous said...

Totally, totally agree! Sloppy writing and awful treatment of a character that had loads of potential and should have gotten MORE not as some side plot device. The actress is a capable performer and I really wish they will bring her back with a MEATY storyline focused on HER. And I also totally concur that this Sunita undoing herself with Stella's help getting her even more sloshed is unbelievably sloppy writing -- we Corrie watchers do not need this kind of OTT show if the writers want to portray problems in the Sunita-Dev marriage. PLEASE leave quickly Mr. Collinson... and don't bother shutting the door as there are plenty of us who would rush to slam it and lock it behind you!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I've never been a fan of Amber and unfortunately, some characters are relegated to supporting plot devices. C'est la vie.

Dolly Tubb said...

I can only agree, David. And the thing that ALWAYS cheeses me off is the fact that the pinnacle of employment opportunities in Corrie is either anti social shifts at Dev's, working at the Rovers/Bistro, or stitching knickers. I know jobs are hard come by these days but surely someone like Amber deserved a bit more character development with a decent/aspirational job. You have 4 of the finest Universities on the doorstep and the new Meeja City just down a couple of tram stops away - surely there could have been some decent (ie imaginative) story line written for poor Amber.

Once again, a potentially decent character is sacrificed on the Alter of Shoddy and Unimaginative Writing.

Enough, already!


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