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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday March 23

Audrey's little secret  - the floppy haired posh fancy man she sneakily moved in her house -  was unearthed by daughter Gail and grandson David, who were shocked to spot Lewis leave Audrey’s house and kiss her, after she had naughtily done a sickie from work. Feigning concern, they knocked on her door, where Audrey, who was waiting for Lewis to return with a takeaway, was forced to invite them in. They insisted on staying and feeding the supposed invalid soup until Lewis returned with his and Audrey's takeaway  - and the game was up. Gail berated Audrey for getting back together with "oily gigolo" Lewis but Audrey stood her ground  and threw David and Gail out of the house.

Amber quit Coronation Street following her night  of "babysitting" party disgrace though dad Dev wanted  her to stay but that was the least of his troubles. Sunita told him she felt their marriage was over (hasn't this all been a bit sudden?) and  let her hair down on a drunken night  out with, of all people, Stella. She ended up dancing inebriated on the roof of a car and was arrested by police. Dev refused to collect her but  Karl, hearing of her ordeal, secretly turned up to give her a lift home. He draw her in for a comforting hug in the car, but she mistook  his (on this occasion)  merely friendly  intentions and kissed him on the mouth.  Embarrassed by her mistake, she rushed out of the car. There will, as most  people know, be more to this storyline and it's good to see John Michie, who is not only a good actor but very easy on the eye (would you believe he's in his mid 50s?), get a juicier storyline.

Sally, to the  delight of  Kevin and Sophie, emerged from her coma and almost immediately was offered a job by Carla back at Underworld. Something to look forward to, eh, Sally?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

More SHOUTING yesterday from the tiresome of pairs Tracy and Steve and now Dev and Sunita. Who cares about either of them, they are making Frosty's ears ache Sally of course made yet another miraculous recovery from the Lourdes of the North, Weathy General.

Anonymous said...

Gail has to be the most annoying daughter ever! If I were Audrey, I'd sell my house, pack up, move away and not tell them. What a buttinski bunch they are. So what if she might be making a mistake? It's her life. And Gail should really get one of her own! Misery guts.

And David's got that sneer back on his face again. The writers had him on a good track with becoming a relatively decent person, but now .... ugh!!!! A punchable face!

Audrey ... you go girl! Do what you want when you want with whom you want. If it's a total screw-up, well at least you LIVED!

~JB in Canada

Rebecca said...

No I would not believe he's in his mid-50s! He's delicious!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the Carla/Sally scene and Audrey/Gail/David were quite funny, but otherwise rather boring eps in my opinion.. Sunitta and Dev drama *yawn*..

Dubcek said...

Dev's performance was cringe worthy when are they going to get rid of this no talent, he hasn't added anything to The Street since the day he showed up.

Cobblestone said...

In fairness to Gail, it's no more than Audrey did, carping over her relationship with Joe McIntyre. But, yes, I agree, Audrey has the right to make her own choices.

Anonymous said...

It's sort of the thing with Corrie to keep Corrie the way it is... the parents don't want their kids moving out of the house and both generations remain nosy, interfering in each others' love lives... it's true for Gail/Audreh as well as for JAson/Eileen at the moment...

The only thing that seems to make sense is Ken giving Tracy the unpleasant truth as to her selfish, freeloading ways.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cobblestone, Audrey has not been shy to butt into Gail's romantic life, as well. It's what families do when they think a loved one might get hurt! And this is Lewis the gigolo/con-man we're talking about - if my mother had the hots for someone like that, especially if she'd already had her heart broken once by him, I'd surely do my best to make her see the light before it happened again. I, like Gail, don't believe that Lewis has turned over a new leaf - I think he's up to something - and Gail would be a useless daughter if she just sat back without saying anything.
I can't believe I'm defending Gail, as she normally irritates me to no end, but in this case, I'm on her side.

Anonymous said...

The best move for Nigel Havers is to Emmerdale and take over homefarm to be a true gentleman farmer.
Take controle to inject some 'feelgood' scenes.
This is very much needed.
Not only in Emmerdale but also in Coronation street, which is at the moment a shambles, of arguments all round. YUK.!!


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