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Tuesday 16 August 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, August 15 2011

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. Without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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It’s all going off in the salon this week and Audrey’s had enough. What with Kylie’s fakey reiki she’s doing her customers’ heads in, and putting their noses decidedly out. Audrey decides to tighten the reins, books David on a business training course and puts Kylie back on nails where she can do least harm.

Over at the Rovers, it’s Stella’s birthday and Leanne delivers a card, which she gives to Tina who passes it to Eva who rips it up and chucks it away. Stella strops at Leanne for not giving her a card and then blames Eva for being a mardy cow when she finds out the truth. Stella’s too brittle for my liking, I’m not warming to her just yet.  And was Corrie deliberately playing “Isn’t She Lovely?” on the Rovers jukebox when Stella came on screen, hoping it’d help us win our struggle to warm to the new Rovers landlady?

Meanwhile, Julie goes on her date with Brian. Wearing a gorgeous red and black dress (available here) Julie surrenders herself to love in the shape of Mr Packham. “I’m offering you the full English, here!”  Unfortunately for Julie, nerves get in the way and she has a few drinks before the date, and then a few more. And one for the road and then another, just in case. And by the time the two of them are nibbling at Nick’s bistro Julie’s drunk and jealous of Brian flirting with Eva and Julie’s date of fate goes a bit Pete Tong.

Elsewhere this week, Chris and his brain tumour move into Lloyd and Cheryl’s house. With nowhere else to go and no one to look after him, Lloyd does the (far too) decent thing and allows his partner’s bully-boy, wife-beating fella to move in while Maria bleats across the cobbles as another of her men decide to die. Mind you, it’s got to be preferable to living with her, she doesn’t half go on about nowt. Liam died. Tony Gordon died. And now Chris will die too. She’s the kiss of death, that Maria one.

In the pub, Frank gets down on one knee and proposes to Carla with a mahoosive  ring and a smirk on his face. Carla’s less than impressed. “This is a farce,” she snarls at him. “Get up!”  And get up he does, determined to find out why Carla’s turned him down so when he hears from Dev that Carla’s been arguing with Peter in the shop, he knows that Carla’s still got the hots for Peter Barlow and that’s why she turned his proposal down. When he puts all this to Carla, she denies everything, even though it’s true, and agrees to marry Frank, saying it’s him that she loves, even though it’s not.

And finally this week, Fat Brenda’s gone to Zumba, which apparently is a dance class, and not an island off the coast of Tenerefee, which I thought it was.

And that's just about that for this week. 

This week's writers were David Lane, Mark Burt, Martin Allen, Jan McVerry and Peter Whalley. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at:
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Adam Rekitt said...

Why do Kylie and David have to fail at running the salon? Both are damaged, but neither is stupid. Why can't they make a success of the salon, as poor, prematurely aged Nick's business floats down the Swanee? That would be one in the eye for Goldenboy. They could even start a hairdresser war with Claudia.

Instead we get yet another example of lazy writing, where Kylie and David think offending customers is good business practice. So David has to go on a Management Course. It's a back street salon, not BP. Have any of the writers got any imagination at all?

Looney Balloon said...

I thought the dialogue with the "marraige proposal" dreadful yesterday with Carla/Frank and Peter looking incredulous that they had to utter such bilge. Frank ridiculously sulking because twice wed Carla turned him down after knowing him only a few weeks. More pointless scenes with Dev and more of Chris wallowing in self pity when nobody in the Country cares about this character. Very poor yesterday I am afraid.

TREVINA said...

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