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Tuesday 30 August 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, August 29 2011

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There’s been some wonderful scenes in Corrie this week, it really is cracking on with some fantastic dialogue and strong acting performances from cast old and new. 

The strongest story for me this week was Kylie spotting Audrey out with Marc in full Marcia mode and filming them both on her phone. Kylie then tried to blackmail Audrey into giving her the job back at the salon but it all backfired on poor Audrey when Marc decided to come out of his designer closet to Audrey’s closest mates in the Rovers Return. Audrey was mortified. Gail was speechless. Sally went all Daily Mail and Marc knew he’d made a very big mistake when Audrey dumped him later, telling him his cross dressing was all a bit much.  Gail then kicked Kylie out for upsetting Audrey and when David returned from his hairdressing course, it all kicked off in the Platts just like it does on Jeremy Kyle.  “I’ve just made a fool of myself again,” cries Audrey to Gail.  Well it’s not the first time, and it won't be the last.

Meanwhile, Fiz is in a tizz in priz when the girls call her a grass, break into her new room at the mother and baby unit and threaten little Hope. Tyrone visits Fiz and she tells him about the drugs coming into the prison so Tyrone follows the dealer out onto the streets, determined he won’t let his friend Fiz be bullied inside.

Dr Carter tries out his bedside manner on Tina as the two of them swap tips on looking lovely, how to have shiny hair and brilliant white teeth. Tommy is officially not best pleased.

Katy and Chesney have their baby scan at the hospital and Owen goes along, because he hates not to be sticking his oar in somewhere. He does however ask the hospital if there’s a chance that Katy’s baby could be born with the same condition that Izzy has, something that Katy had considered but Owen forces her to think about seriously.

Speaking of Owen, he’s giving Anna the glady eye now that Eddie’s gone abroad and she agrees to a date in the pub. But FAYe has other ideas, she wants Anna all to herself and so she nicks Owen’s phone and sends Anna a text to tell her he wants nowt to do with her any more. Gary puts the pieces together, Anna finds out what FAYe has gone and done and she sends her to bed with no tea.

Right, I’m off , see you next week. 

This week's writers were Julie Jones, Jonathan Harvey and John Kerr. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at:
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ChiaGwen said...

Brilliant write up Flaming Nora. Awww that pic of Tyrone and Fiz....can they not get together again...? Hopefully Marc will now be off to the dentist,then acting school, never to be seen round the cobbles again.

Anonymous said...

FAYe needs a beating, period. I picture her clobbering Owen over the head with wrench and there being a big mystery if it was Ches. or Gary... 'cause the writers like to recycle.

Anonymous said...

After 50 years, I can't watch this **** any longer. Tommy making an appointment to tell Dr Carter he is a pain in the bum. It's as if Tyrone has taken in the human form of a stray cat.

Chris and Owen philosophising about cancer. Cringeworthy.

Fiz in prison. Dire. Why should Fiz care about some random cellmate she just met? Linda LaPlant this isn't. It's not even as good as Prisoner Cell Block H.

The standard has careered downhill and shows no sign of stopping. Half the dialogue is a desperate attempt to argue that the plots have some credibility. Tyrone suddenly announces that he's been a bad mate to Fiz and next she's confiding all to him. It's a wonder she didn't say I'm telling you all this to set up a ridiculous story where you go after a drug dealer. Cue more justification from Tyrone: Yes, I appear to be as soft as butter, but when it comes to a mate that I have forgotten about for years, I completely change character. After all, there hasn't been a crime for at least a week and there are 5 episodes to fill.

It's not very likely I will get to my 100th birthday, but if it carries on with this ****, it's a certainty Corrie won't see 100.

Looney Baloon said...

Big Shock Fiz - there are drugs in prison. Did the silly cow think it was all knitting circles and visiting the library together? It also shows Corrie being a bit irresponsible again that if you tell the Prison Authorities and Patronising Prison Govnors wont keep their promise and protect you.


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