Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Paula Lane interview

There's a good two part interview on Digital Spy with one of my favourite Corrie actors, Paula Lane who plays Kylie. She talks a bit about Kylie's upcoming storyline where she and David move forward to get Max back.

Paula says she couldn't understand at first how Kylie could be so cold towards Max but has since realized that kids like Kylie that were in and out of care a lot, never had love shown to them so never learned how to show it themselves. Now that Kylie has a husband and support network, she just might have the confidence to raise Max.

We've seen this with Becky, too, as she's learned to have more confidence in herself through the support of the Croppers and then Steve. Becky still has that self destructive side and Kylie will probably not lose her edge either.

The main interview is here with a link at the bottom to the second part.


Adam Rekitt said...

Kylie is one of the best things on the Street at the moment. I can't stand the sight of Chris or Frank, but I like Kylie, despite the baby selling and "blackmail". She's a realistic, rounded, interesting character and Paula Lane is an excellent actress, who can credibly switch from complete cow to vulnerable young woman in the blink of an eye.

David and Kylie could be the new Jack and Vera. A couple who shouldn't really work together but do. Of course, I am living in cloud cuckoo land. Audrey and Kylie had an interesting relationship. Audrey, an ex flighty piece herself, is less judgemental and emotional than Gail. Audrey could have taken Kylie under her wing, but all that has been blown apart by the ridiculous sacking and "blackmail".

Soon, I predict Tina the Tart will get round to Nick. David will sleep with Tina on the eve of the wedding. Corrie will have achieved a few headlines, Paula Lane will depart for something grown up and yet another goose will have had it's next wrung.

Anonymous said...

Paula Lane is absolutely brilliant. She has made Kylie one of the most watchable characters on the street. If you compare her performance to the two dimensional and hideously dull Fountain (Tommy Duckworth) it's frankly embarrassing. In Kylie you have potentially one of the greatest characters on the cobbles.

Looney Baloon said...

I agree with Adam that Kylie is one of the best and interesting characters in Corrie at the moment and would have liked to have seen her and Audrey's relationship develop instead of this stupid thoroughly contrived "sacking". Surely they could have thought of a better way to have written Mark/Marcia out. Now of course we get the old chestnut of David "moving abroad" which we all know is about as likely to happen as winning the Euro Millions or Stella actually dying in the car crash next week.

Anonymous said...

I cant belive what I'm reading! She's vile and dose not have a redeeming feature. She belongs on Enders.

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