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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Corrie actress does nude photo shoot

Catherine Tydlesley, who plays Coronation Street's Eva Price, has done a nude photo shoot for Now Magazine. Why? Who knows, but you can find out more here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cathy is following the classic "very pretty but mediocre actress" pattern.

A website with posed photos in glam makeup and posh frocks - a well-oiled PR system - and now finally the nude photo shoot.

It's always amazed me how people lucky enough to be attractive are treated as if this is some kind of life skill. They are regularly complemented on their appearance (something over which they have no control), and this can only lead to some kind of narcissistic complex.

Many of them go into acting, which means they can show off more and get more compliments to feed their egos. Sadly some just can't act.

Cathy can't act. But she's very pretty. So she's done a nude shoot.
The cycle is complete.

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