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Tuesday 23 August 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, August 22 2011

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update, written as I celebrate my birthday today. After writing the update and posting it to th’internet, I’m off out for birthday cake with my family,  then a long walk on the beach with my lovely man followed by a meal out tonight.  Corrie weekly update readers who have been with me for some years and have done the maths, will know I’ve reached 21, again. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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There’s all sorts going on at Roy’s Rolls this week when Sylvia decides to take charge, and charge she does. She charges for use of the ketchup, the salt, the pepper and the loo. The customers are up in arms, complaining hither and thither but it’s water off a duck’s back to Sylvia, she’s intent on pushing up the profits and woe betide anyone who gets in her way. And that person is Norris, who nicks the key to the loo, demanding his right to a free pee. Well, Sylvia spots him and locks him in there overnight. Oh dear, what can the matter be? Norris Cole is locked in the lavatory. He was there from Friday to Monday and nobody knew he was there. Except Sylvia did, you see. Mary’s fretting about Norris’ whereabouts, convinced he’s been kidnapped by Al Qaeda and  just when she’s wondering which one of the Suchet brothers will play him in the film of his life, Sylvia unlocks the door to the lavvy and Norris is free. Well, I tell you, Mary is Not Best Pleased and calls a council of war with Emily and Dennis to demand that Norris is given compensation for his night in the netty. It’s agreed that Norris, Mary, Emily and Dennis will be given a slap-up banquet at Roy’s and that Sylvia will play waitress, as an apology for her behaviour.  And while Sylvia serves up the food, she does not and will not say that she’s sorry.  She does give a wry smile to Dennis though, she’s got her eye on him.

In prison, Fiz grasses up the drug dealer and gets herself beaten up for being a grass.  I don’t understand this. Fiz wouldn’t grass up her husband who was going round murdering people but suddenly, she’s banged up with a bunch of no-hopers and she’s grassing them up left, right and centre. Mind you, she does get a place in the mother and baby unit in exchange for the information on the drugs runner she’s given to the Guv’nor (played by Norma from Shameless).

Julie and Brian finally get together after Eileen and Dennis set them up to meet once again. “You need to be proactive,” Marcus says to Julie after she moans about being single. “I’m a woman, Marcus, not a yoghurt!” she replies, in some wonderful dialogue from writer Carmel Morgan.  Julie’s over the moon to be back with Brian and he (and these are his words, not mine) tell Julie he can’t wait to get his sausage fingers around her nimble waist. 

Elsewhere this week, Audrey asks Marc to move in with her and he says yes. Of course he says yes, he’s onto a good thing with the goddess that is the fragrant Mrs Roberts but it seems to me that she’s getting the short end of the stick once again.   

Meanwhile, Gail goes all guns blazing after Kylie as David’s away and Kylie’s flirting with some fella in the pub.  When Kylie refuses to come home and leave the bloke in the pub, Gail locks her errant daughter in law out of the house.  

And finally this week, Frank does his best to get Carla and Leanne back on talking terms instead of trying to rip each other to shreds on the Street.  It kind of works, but when Carla and Leanne give each other a girly hug, Carla gives Peter a look behind Leanne’s back, yes, that kind of look. Ooh, it’s all going to go so horribly wrong, I can just feel it.

Right, I’m off to celebrate my birthday, see you next week. 

This week's writers were Chris Fewtrell, Simon Crowther and Carmel Morgan. Find out more about the  Coronation Street writing team at:
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Anonymous said...

Thought you were turning 29 like the rest of us Nora ;)Have a great one!
Can't understand Peter's magnetic appeal for Carla... she needs to get herself to a therapist to figure out why she only wants other people's men. Does she like the challenge?
Next somebody will be telling me it's not real..
Rebecca in TO..


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