Friday, 19 August 2011

Simon Gregson gets stuck in lift at ITV

Lovely little story in today's Sun that says nothing but it made me smile. Coronation Street actor Simon Gregson, who plays Steve McDonald, spent an hour stuck in a lift - decorated with a poster of himself.  You can see the poster on The Sun's website

Simon was at ITV1's London HQ to film an appearance on tomorrow's Family Fortunes.

Ironically, the lift's door was plastered with a publicity shot of him.

He said: "I suppose it was fate."

Ah, but it could have been worse, Simon, it could have been a poster of you gurning!


Anonymous said...

When an actor or two is finished being used for Corrie filming, I wonder if they will ask steve for a lift?

Trevina said...

Why did Steve McDonald sit on his watch while stuck in the lift?

* * * Because he was hoping to be on 'time' for Family Fortunes!

Trevina said...

What is purple, spiky and goes up and down yelling HELP!!?

A gooseburry (Steve McDonald) stuck in a lift!!

Anonymous said...

We all hope this will 'lift' his performances in future and give his life more ups and downs, ha ha!
John H

Tvor said...

I suppose when he loses out on the next award, he's going to feel shafted.

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