Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Corrie pin-up of the week, circa 1975

With news in this week of Helen Flanagan, who plays Coronation Street's Rosie Webster, doing a runner from the set when asked to pose in her undies, we give you this 1975 picture of actress Kathy Jones, who played Tricia Hopkins in Corrie.
Kathy tells us at the Coronation Street Blog: "Gail and Tricia wanted to become models, they had read an advertisment in the local rag asking for young girls to come forwrd to see if they were suitable. The gullible girls went along to the interview, and paid their money for photographs to be taken for a sales brochure. We had to walk up and down doing 'funny' walks to make us look awkward. Of course it was a con and they model agency boss (Tony Anholt) ran off with all the money. 

I remember I had to have full body make up applied, I was too pale for the bikini shots, Helen Worth had just returned from holiday so she was nicely tanned already. They applied the make up on the late filming night, Thursday (we used to film up to 8pm on a Thursday), then they said all studio time had gone so we would film that scene on Friday morning. Shower! So up early for another full body make up session on Friday. Funny thing was, I also remember the studio was quite full on those two days. hmm!
It was great fun though."

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Anonymous said...

I remember Tricia Hopkins, and Granny, how Welsh she was! Her dad, Ivor was his name?
I don't think they ever had another Welsh family on the street, did they?
Very nice to read of Kathy Jones recollections of some fun moments on set.

Aaaaa said...

I know of the Hopkins family from the 1970s boxset. :)

The granny (who I find rather scary, to be honest...!) was called Megan but no-one really seemed to address her by her first name. The father was called Idris, and Kathy Staff played Tricia's mother Vera.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Idris! Thank you.
I'd have never remembered that name :)
Vera; I remember the face, but had forgotten the character, and yes, Granny was very fierce! She ruled the roost in the Hopkin's house...

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