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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Corrie weekly awards: August 15 - 19

Heart is in the right place award, Methods need a bit of work: Gold star: Sylvia wants to help but she's only going to drive away the customers. Adjust the prices 50p to include the cost of sauces.
Silver star: Tommy needs to invite Tina if he's making a meal. Surprises bring you a dinner companion with a 5 o'clock shadow.

This means war award: Norris is on a crusade to bring Sylvia down! Tell you the truth, someone needs to because Roy won't.

He's My Hero award: Gold Star: Norris isn't my hero but I did enjoy him trying to charge Sylvia £5 for a newspaper!

Fits like a glove award: Gold star: I do like Karl, I must say.

Snidely Whiplash award: Gold Star: Yes, Peter, Frank was being snidey.

Idiot award: Peter reckons Frank was an idiot to propose in front of everyone. Um. You did it. And so did Leanne.

Pity Party award: Gold Star: Chris won't accept help from anyone except Cheryl and is rude to everyone else.

Baby Blues award: Teary Star: Fiz's new friend Ruth is using her baby to get drugs into the prison and her cellmate is offering it to her. Ruth is putting  a sob story onto Fiz but she's also tough as nails.

Pants on Fire award: Carla is lying through her capped teeth aobut not loving Peter!

Lines of the week:
Sylvia "What am I doing here? Waiting to die?" (They should have had her say "Waiting for God?" LOL!)
Sylvia "I have survived the Blitz and four Labour Governments"
Sally (dreamily, about Frank) "Men like that don't take 'No' for an answer" Sean with a lot more meaning "No. They don't"
Norris about Julie's excitement "If she'd been a puppy, she'd have left a puddle"
Leanne about Frank "Do you think he knows that all of her husbands have their own personal vault in the cemetery?" (she's not far wrong, either)


Frosty the Snowman said...

Expressionless character award: I am sorry to The Bill fans out there but Nigel Lancel or whatever his name is DI Manson is played with as much vigour as a waxwork. If Frank is supposed to become a scary character than he has been seriously miscast. Has he had Botox? I find this whole storyline about as gripping as a lump of margarine. Another story that could have been done much better.

Unlikely Stalker award: What was all that about Peter following Carla around and accosting her in the biscuit aisle of Div’s when he is the biggest gossip around to tell her to “leave HIM alone”. It’s plain as the nose on your face that this is not what he wants and that is not going to be the end of it. I detest this story. Leave Leanne and Peter to be a happy family for gawd’s sake.

Getting OTT Award: Although I am warming to Sylvie and she can be quite funny, all this charging for condiments and using the lav is getting seriously silly now. I am surprised Norris just didn’t ring Health & Safety at the Council who licences Roys. I am also surprised they constantly have Hope with them in the café with all the hot liquids around.

Another Prison story award: Why when one of the many characters are sent down, can’t we have a rest from them, why does there always have to be an ongoing story inside. If Fiz is even thinking of grassing on these women, she is even more stupid than we all first thought. I didn’t realise how tall Jenny McAlpine was, she towered over the silly little girl can’t even remember her name, Bev Callards daughter.

Another relationship for Tina award: is there nobody under 30 that has escaped the Macintryesome’s clutches. She is a pretty girl but come on would a professional man like Dr Carter really have been picked up the way he was the other night? I presume she is still a patient at the practice where she first came into it and met Gail so its illegal stupid writers.

Humpty Dumpty said...

How about Suspend Your Disbelief Entirely Award: Norris opens the toilet door and uses the facilities unlocked? A fastidious chap like Norris would surely lock himself in for privacy.

I don't know what it is about Sylvia. Somethings's not quite right about her. I want to believe she has fallen for Dennis but there isn't much chemistry, and her personality ought to change at least a bit when he's around.

Martin S said...

Roy needs to increase his regular prices if he wants to remain solvent. If I remember correctly, the Full English Breakfast has been priced at £2.95 since the café opened over 12 years ago.

Frosty the Snowman:

According to IMDb, Jenny McAlpine is 5' 6" and Rebecca Callard is 5' 3", although I'd put her closer to 5' 0" - she is very petite. IMDb can be wrong - it says Johnny Briggs is 5' 7½" when he's really no more than 5' 4".

Humpty Dumpty:

At least Norris would have taken the key inside with him.

Anonymous said...

Dennis is playing them all for a bunch of mugs...his true colours will come to the surface..SOON I HOPE or is he just there to trade clever jibes with Norris much to the boredom of the rest of us...and FOR GODSAKE..when is Norris going to bang that friggin' Mary? I enjoyed Becky's trip to the prision...sitting there in visiting.."oh..I know her..oooh..her too"...funny girl. I'll miss Becks I must admit.


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