Tuesday, 23 August 2011

More Corrie art online

Inspired by the iconic photograph of Ena Sharples, Coronation Street Blog reader Paul Lanagan has created this wonderful homage set in Houghton-le-Spring up here in the North East.

It's so bad it's fab and was screaming out to be blogged!  If you've created any iconic Corrie scenes, do please email them in for blogging.

Have a look at more of Paul's Corrie art at his website here.


Anonymous said...

I don't actually live in Houghton - le - Spring as I live about half an hour bus ride away, but I did originally come from the area of Houghton (Penshaw) when I was younger (about 5 - 7 mins in the car), and my school was also at Philadelphia (no, not the USA) but again, not that far from Houghton. If you haven't been in the North East, there is some interesting places such as Beamish Museum (watch you don't get a speeding ticket like I did for doing 32mph on a 30mph road at Blind Lane, Chester-le-Street). In Houghton-le-spring (or just Houghton to locals, or if you are a Geordie which they often pronounce as howton), there is a special yearly occassion which is called 'Houghton Feast'
( http://www.houghtonfeast.co.uk/ ). This includes roasting of an ox (or it used to), and selling ox sandwiches Mmmmm!!!! There is actually a book called 'Forty years of the Houghton Feast Ox roasting 1967 - 2007 by Paul Lanagan'. I think the Corrie blog states Flanagan, and should state Lanagan as the blog photo shows. Just thought I would pass this info onto your readers.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what street that is in Houghton-le-Spring?

Paul Lanagan said...

We still roast the ox at Houghton Feast every October! It's always on a Monday night, so Corre is recorded that night!

The street in the photograph was in Tyne & Wear alongside a pedestrain bridge over a railway line.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul.

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