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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

When Maeve Binchy wrote for the Coronation Street Blog

With the very sad news that novellist Maeve Binchy has passed away this week, we take a look back at her blog post she wrote for us here, exclusively on the Coronation Street Blog in September 2010.

Best-selling author Maeve Binchy is a huge Coronation Street fan. She's very kindly written about her love of Corrie, exclusively for the Coronation Street blog.  Visit Maeve Binchy's website.

Maeve Binchy, novelist, never misses Coronation Street!

"As soon as I hear the Corrie theme I pour the first glass of wine of the day. Then I sit down and am happily lost in Weatherfield. I have been watching it for well over forty years. My mother and I used to marvel at the three old dears sipping their milk stout in the snug. It seemed a safe, cosy world where everyone looked out for each other and no one had time to be lonely. The years went on, the characters grew up and grew old with us all. Some of them never looked old; like Ken, who seemed to grow more and more luxuriant hair, Liz seemed to attract younger and younger men and Gail never learned to be remotely mellow. Sometimes I used to wonder was everyone’s neighbourhood so hothouse and sexually active as the Street seems to be. Quite probably they are, and I am out of step.

I have always been an unashamed groupie for Corrie. I went on the guided tour at Granada and got myself photographed outside the Rovers Return. Our two lovely little rescue cats are called Fred and Audrey - because the male one is big and bluff and generally decent, while the female is elegant, well-groomed and flighty - exactly like Audrey and the late Fred Elliott. To me they are absolutely real people and I hope they will keep going for years and years."


Tvor said...

A celebrity fan!!! I'm sure there are more out there, maybe this will bring a few more to the forefront! As for Ms. Binchy, I've always loved her books, too!

Danny-K said...

Yes, I've always thought Ken's hair should get it's own mention in the end credits.

Sea Penguin said...

Ken's hair should definitely have its own mini-series. And I always enjoyed the Fred and Audrey scenes.

bbhilda said...

How nice that I have something in common with our celebrity blogger. I too have cats named after characters. Mine are Rosie & Sophie, unfortunately they were spayed at an early age, so we will never know if one is a tart and the other gay. They do have a love/hate relationship with each other though, just like their screen counterparts.
Would love to hear regularly from Ms. Binchy!

Taking back my power said...

Wonderful! Corrie is my fave tv show and Maeve Binchy is my fave author (currently reading evening class (again)) Cos I live in Australia we are quite a bit behind in Corrie, but I do read this blog and so keep up to date with the latest happenings :0)

corrierules said...

I just love it when all my faves intersect! Big fan of Maeve Binchy and Law and Order. So it was a hoot to learn Linus Roache would be appearing in Corrie. And of course love seeing "Danny Baldwin" in Law and Order UK! Now if only Glee would do a tribute to Corrie.... lol

Anonymous said...

Great to see Maeve Binchy is such a fan of Coronation Street (sorry, but I just can't call it Corrie)like myself. And likewise my own Mother loved the three in the snug with their milk stout ... for some reason, she always felt sorry for Minnie. I think she thought the other two bullied her.

And yes, I agree that Ken's hair looks like that of a twenty year old or younger!

And like all the bloggers here I love Maeve Binchy's books. Have read all of them and usually re-read them. My favourite characters are Signora in Evening Class and Miss O'Hara in Echoes ... I always think they sound a lot like Maeve herself with her sense of humour, her sense of fairness and her common sense.

As it happens I was listening to her on radio this morning talking about Ageing Positively and Maeve made such very wise observations about living into our twilight years. I particularly liked the point she made about how by the time we reach our maturer years we can tell friends and family how much they mean to us.

And I can promise there's a treat in store for readers new and old with Maeve Binchy's latest novel, MINDING FRANKIE ... yes, I have read it and would highly recommend it. It's a great read!

Cheryl said...

Maeve Binchey is one of my favourite authors and I will always treasure her latest novel "Minding Frankie" that I won from this blog! RIP Ms. Binchey!


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