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Saturday, 7 March 2020

Coronation Street spoilers for Spring 2020 from TV Times

There are some fabulous spring spoilers in this week's edition of the TV Times which is out in the shops now. I won't give everything away here, you'll have to read the TV Times if you want to know more, so here's a teaser of things to come!

Geoff will isolate Yasmeen further from her friends and family by insisting they start a new life abroad. But will their plans be thwarted when Ala does some digging on Geoff's background and reports him to the police?

David falls into despair when Shona tells him she wants a divorce. And David is haunted by a face from the past and goes off the rails.

Poor Gemma battles on with the quads but Bernie returns to help her. Gemma may well need her mum as she struggles to cope with mental health issues.

Evelyn gets a fella when an old flame called Arthur arrives on the Street.

There's a love triangle going on between Emma, Seb and Alina.

A blast from the past comes into Gary's life to cause problems for him.

Norris returns when Ken bumps into him at Stillwaters retirement community.

Daniel deals with death on his grief retreat.

A hasty decision comes back to haunt Dev's daughter Asha.

And the best one of all I've kept until last as I love the sound of this. There's a new guest at the Rovers who moves into their B&B. He's called Scott - and it's clear that he and Johnny have history. Johnny is clearly rattled by Scott's arrival, I wonder what's going on and who he really is?
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Anonymous said...

The only storyline I like is a love interest for Evelyn,the rest is the same old dragged out storylines!

Anonymous said...

Johnny's been pretty scarce lately; it would be nice to see a bit more of him.


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