Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 13 Nov


ROBERT IS SANDWICHED BETWEEN TWO WOMEN Michelle tells Carla her suspicions about Robert’s whereabouts, the baby talk and the necklace but when she quizzes him he is able to plausibly answer her questions. Meanwhile one of the midwives recognises Robert and when Vicky comes for a check up she tells her has has been in an accident! As she rushes to be by his side Robert masks his panic.
ROY’S UP AGAINST TIME Roy and Carla go back to Richard’s and are let in by a care worker who reveals Richard is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis. Nina is less than impressed to find them there but Roy simply says he is his online Scrabble opponent.
GEMMA AND CHESNEY SEAL THE DEAL Knowing they need to pay the hotel bill Gemma and Chesney agree to meet Tara to discuss the Freshco offer. They are stunned when they are offered £60k
ELSEWHERE Fed up of Steve and Amy’s continual sniping, Emma suggests they take it in turns to pick something fun that they can all do together. Steve has first pick.


ROBERT CAN’T CON A CONNOR It’s a day of musical chairs in Robert’s room as he tried desperately to get rid of both Michelle and Vicky before they bump into each other. Will he succeed?
ROY SCORES WITH HIS BROTHER Roy and Carla pay Richard another visit and this time Roy comes clean about who he really is. How will his half brother react? Meanwhile Carla tells Nina she would be lucky to have Roy in her life but prickly Nina is not convinced.
BERNIE HAS HER EYES ON THE PRIZE Chesney, Gemma and Bernie celebrate their windfall with a drink in the Rovers. When Bernie suggests they should book a holiday, Gemma refuses, adamant that the needs of her babies come first.
ELSEWHERE Steve, Tim, Emma and a reluctant Amy set off to the County match. Having enjoyed the football more than expected, Amy reveals that her fun night out of choice is a Little Mix gig. Emma’s thrilled whilst Steve’s not so keen.

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Anonymous said...

Why on earth would Bernie suggest that Gemma go on holiday when she has 4 newborn babies? How ridiculous! Time for Bernie to go, personally I can't stand her!

C in Canada said...

I'm with anonymous. Can't stand Bernie - she has NO redeeming qualities as a mother or as a human being.

Bobby Dazzler said... when are the Winter/Browns moving long are we going to put up with this nonsense of a storyline. The storylines are terrible lately..and where the heck did Seb go? Where's Eileen? Where does Sean live now?

What have they done to my beloved street? Cant stand the new family BTW...they should head out and have a new family move in...not one who overacts (Micheal and his mother)

Problem is...lacking realism, we cannot identify with the bunch of misfits that have taken over the street. Wonderful actors, horrible writing...c'mon, get back to the basics..more is not necessarily better

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