Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 20 Nov


DANIEL FINALLY SNAPS Daniel is devastated to discover the laptop has gone and decides to take matters into his own hands. Craig is on a day off and offers to go with him to pawn shops in the area. But when Daniel spots a laptop that looks like his in a glass cabinet he accuses the shopkeeper  of handling stolen goods and seizing a golf club he smashes the cabinet.
PAUL THINKS HE HAS CAUGHT A THIEF Billy confides in Paul that on the day Bernie started working for him someone stole his diary that has all the details of funeral etc and a spate of burglaries followed. Suspicious Paul and Gemma are horrified to find a bag of stolen goods under the stairs at number 5.
JAMES FEARS HIS SECRET WILL COME OUT  When Michael reveals that James didn’t come home last night, Ed assumes he spent the night with Bethany. Aggie and Michael exchange an awkward look. A hungover James confides in Michael that he spent the night with a guy called Dan and he’s lost his phone. James enlists Michael’s help insisting they set off in search of the missing phone.
ELSEWHERE David and Shona tell Max and Lily their plans to adopt them formally. When Max’s only concern is that he’ll still be able to see Marion, David’s put out.


DANIEL CAN’T SMASH UP HIS GRIEF The police arrive at the pawn shop and arrest Daniel - can Craig and Peter persuade the shop owner to drop the charges by explaining the circumstances? When Daniel discovers the laptop wasn’t his he breaks down in tears telling Adam that Bertie deserves better.
GEMMA MAKES AN ACCUSATION Gemma confronts her mum about the robberies and throws her out saying she has gone too far this time and she is going to the police.
MICHAEL GETS A BLAST FROM THE PAST As Michael and James wait in Freshco’s car park to get James’ phone back Michael is shocked to see his ex Grace with her daughter, she blanks him and drives off.
ELSEWHERE Peter tells Adam that Ken’s in hospital having been diagnosed with pneumonia. Robert suggests they should take the bistro to the next level and create a franchise. Michelle agrees it’s a good idea.


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