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Saturday, 23 November 2019

Ryan Russell Interview: Michael's secret daughter

How is Michael coping after discovering he has a daughter?
It was a massive shock to him but I think he’s taken it in his stride and he wants to better himself for the sake of Tianna and potentially his new family. He wants to prove something to Grace, that he’s a changed man, he’s responsible and he’s got his life together. He’s always had lots of energy with his business schemes, but now he needs to focus all that energy into making money to provide for his daughter.   

Does he feel an instant connection with Tianna?
I think he does, straight away when he sees her for the first time he feels that’s his daughter. He feels a sense of responsibility straight away to take care of his child.

Grace isn’t keen to give Michael access, will he fight for this?
Yes, he’s going to try really hard to get the access because he wants to be a dad who’s there and present and providing. He needs to try and work hard to win Grace over and prove that he is responsible and he is the man to do that. 

What does it mean to him to get to know his daughter?
It means everything to him, he’s looking for purpose and for something to drive him to be successful in his life so I think it means the world to him. He’s had his head in the clouds and been a little bit lost at times but now he’s got a reason to try and prove himself.

How was his relationship with Grace, do you think he has any interest in trying to win her back?
I think his main focus is to get to know his daughter but maybe there’s still a little flame there that will grow as he gets to see his daughter a bit more.

Will we see a different side to Michael now he’s a dad?
Yes and no, I think he’s going to be more focussed on what he wants to achieve and how he can provide for his daughter but I think it will still come from the sense of trying to be an entrepreneur, a money-maker and his get rich quick schemes. I still think he’ll have that same energy about him but with more drive to achieve what he wants. He has a reason now. 

Do you feel settled into the show now, are you enjoying it?
Yeah, it’s been six months now, I’ve worked with a lot of different characters on the show, I’ve got to play different sides of Michael, to really see the facets of his personality, so it’s really nice. I really enjoy working with the family, it’s so comfortable, that’s home. Then I enjoy working with the comedy legends like Simon Gregson and Joe Duttine, I love playing the comedy so working with those guys who have such great comic timing is brilliant.

What sort of reaction have you had to Michael from the fans, do you think people like him?
Yeah I’ve been lucky to have a really positive reaction, people saying they like him and he’s funny so loads of positive feedback which is nice.

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MartesBC said...

I like this whole family and really appreciate how they have been introduced to the Street. Their family oriented and positive spirit was seriously needed in the show and their lack of "baggage", by simply being new gives the show some breathing space from all the gravitas, at least for now:)

Bobby Dazzler said...

I don't care for the new family at all, especially Aggie, I do however like the girl Grace.


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