Friday, 29 November 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 29 Nov


Fiz and Tyrone are delighted that Hope is to return to school.
MICHELLE GETS A SURPRISE CONFESSION FROM ROBERT Ray tells Michelle that he’s dropping the case against her - but to watch her back. Adam advises Michelle to ditch her plan to take the bistro from Robert. Michelle’s furious when Robert lets slip that Vicky knows about her ordeal with Ruairi.
ROY CARES TOO MUCH Roy tears a strip off Richard’s carer for her poor time-keeping. Whilst confiding to Brian that he fears he may have made matters worse, Nina bursts in to tell him that Richard’s carer has quit her job because of him.


Fiz breaks the news to Jade that with Hope returning to Bessie Street, her services will no longer be required.
ROY STEPS INTO THE BREACH Desperate to spend more time with Richard and relieve Nina of her stress, Roy agrees to give Aggie more shifts in the cafe. Nina’s unimpressed when Roy announces to Richard that he’s going to take over her duties.
MICHELLE’S REVENGE GATHERS PACE Robert suggests to Michelle that they gather their family together to tell them about the upcoming wedding. Painting on a smile, Michelle agrees, but tells Carla that the necklace he bought her isn’t enough to win her affections back.
ELSEWHERE Steve is disappointed when Emma reveals that Fiona has bought tickets for her to spend Christmas in Australia. When Amy shows Emma the stockings that their dad has made for each of them, Emma decides to stay in Weatherfield. Steve’s delighted.

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Bobby Dazzler said...

I am loving Evelyn right now..."the hand that rocks the cradle" indeed. love her references.."super nanny"..she's just a treasure and pleasure to watch...and she has half a brain (not from doing suduko) to suss out that Jade is not the gem she seems.. Rock on Evelyn, shake those cobbles up

coconno196 said...

I agree. Maureen Lipman is coming into her own. Let's hope she is the one to unmask Jade. I'll be intrigued to hear the John Stape back story. Did he even know about the secret daughter? He'd have struggled to hide her from Fizz over their several-year relationship, and why should he keep her a secret when she was the result of a previous relationship?

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