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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 6th Nov 8.30 pm

Paul confronts Josh in the hospital room, having sneaked in, whilst disguised as a janitor/ nurse in full scrubs. I wonder where the outfit came from and how did he sneak past security? I'm also bemused as to how Paul can easily threaten Josh, yet can't confront Kel? I guess the rationale would be that it's not HIS abuser, and I suppose he can be himself with Billy, Josh isn't someone from HIS past. Paul goes full throttle in the hope of changing his mind. Will threats of violence really work?

Beaten by Beth's expensive headstone demands, Ken heads home; defeated and deflated. Confiding in Claudia, she decides they should head to Scotland to bring Daniel home.

The Tinkers/Barlows have been at war for a while, so Beth waving the white flag (and accepting Sinead's simpler funeral plan) is a sigh of relief, from me. Having said that, hasn't Beth been a revelation? Lisa George is proving to be a superb actress!

Talking of fraught families, it's nice to see some sibling closeness from Emma and Amy.  Since finding out they are half-sisters, Emma and Amy have bonded quickly, and Amy admits to her sister that Tyler is back on the scene (got her pregnant, Vicky's son, etc) and is sending her texts. Insisting they are just friends, Emma promises to keep the secret from Steve. Will she do it?

Reinvigorated from her exam, Abi is back on the cider and her closeness with Kevin seems to be rubbing Sally up the wrong way.  Over a pint, Kevin tells Abi that she can stop at his gaff until it boils over. Less swayed by Kev's new loaded status, I think Abi just wants a friend, but as we know, Kev has other ideas. Confronting Sally, Abi, not content with staining Sal's sofa with chilli sauce, she pours pomidoras (Nigella's, no less) all over her head. Was this humourous?

In prison, Imran calls an urgent meeting with David and tells him that Josh Tucker has changed his statement, admitting it was Tez and Abe, after all. Calling Shona to break the good news, David is cornered by Abe. Meanwhile, on hearing the good news, Shona is buoyant and puts the wedding plans back into action. Can David be released within 24 hours, or will they get married in the prison itself?

Later, and after Paul pleads guilty to changing Josh's mind, Billy gives his ex boyf a big hug. Are these two destined to get back together?

Back from the Circus, Gangster Gary (that's what I'm calling him now) also seems to be jovial and clowning around with Maria and the kids. Scaring Johnny in the pub (reminding me of Phelan) Gary gets news from his P.I about Ali's dodgy drug deals at the hospital and makes a decidedly wicked threat.

Is Gary about to unleash some carnage on the cobbles?

More from me next week. What did you think of Wednesday's Corrie?

Let us know in the comments section.

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SimoneJenifer said...

So much to unpack here. I suppose this is why I'm loving Corrie right now. Prediction: Amy finds out about Tyler's impending new step-dad...she tells her new sister...Emma is torn, but eventually confides in her mate Maria...and she spills the beans on the infidelity.

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