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Monday, 25 November 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 25th November

Gemma 'fesses up to Chesney about her horrible stepdad: the thievery, the abuse and the fact that Bernie has done a runner. Chesney is horrified that Kel might have done the same to Joseph and he attacks Kel in the street. Kel denies everything, but is arrested for burglary, and Paul goes into meltdown when he finds out Bernie went to the cops. Kel professes his innocence to the police. I can't pretend to be a legal expert but I think different police would interview him for the two different offences? Anyway, they let him go and he goes to find Bernie, who tells him she dobbed him in. He tells her she will regret it, they scream at each other and he takes her hostage at number five. Paul and Gemma hear shouting and go into the house as Bernie barrels straight into Kel, shrieking that he took Paul's innocence. Gemma chucks him out and Bernie and her son make up and she promises to be a better mum to him and to testify on his behalf, but Paul says he's ready to talk to a) a counsellor (good luck with that - it'll be a 5 month wait because of cuts and also Toyah is constantly in the pub/cafe/following Dr Ali around) and b) the police.

Chesney goes to break the news to Daniel that the laptop has been found and is in the evidence room. I'm the police will release it in 6-12 weeks.

Evelyn tries to discipline Hope by calling her a munchkin, although she's concerned she's "not allowed to say that any more". Hope wants a bonfire party. Mate, it's been three weeks since Guy Fawkes night, Christmas is the next thing. You can get fireworks on NY Eve, chuck. Ty does not agree and suggests they have the fireworks party and Jade makes toffee apples (which Fiz admires: "I wouldn't know where to start!" Erm, with apples??). They agree to fireworks, not an oil drum fire, but as we know, Hope is a junior pyromaniac. However, Jack reveals that the fire had already started when he and Hope went into the yard. So there's only one suspect really (janky Jade), but Fiz tells Ty that the matches she hid from Hope have disappeared and that her daughter also started the factory fire. Out of earshot, Jade tells Hope that she believes her. So does Jade want to adopt Hope herself? Or is it Ty she's after? Or just a good time?

Michael is still chasing after this new storyline Grace and the baby Tianna. Given that there's a Chesney and a Toyah on the street, couldn't they have gone the whole hog and called her Rihanna? Grace, under pressure, agrees to meet with Michael and he says he wants to contribute to Tianna's future.

Meanwhile,  Roy is playing chess against himself and wishing his could play with his (half) brother, so he goes off to visit him and the girl who's rinsed the goth shop at Afflecks Palace (Nina). Richard requests to visit the cafe and there they discover their mutual love of steam trains. Who doesn't love a steam train though?

Nasty Nick has decided that Underworld is not going back to the old ways of sewing when they could concentrate on packing and distributing. To be honest, no-one's a fan of globalisation (although in this case the knickers are being stitched in Milton Keynes rather than Bangladesh), but there are very few backstreet factories in the rag trade any more. Since we've already got a Costa and a Co-op, wouldn't it make more sense for the factory to become an Amazon warehouse with Nick as the evil supervisor? Like Voggle, they could call it Anazoom, or sommat. Anyway, Sarah agrees with him until the 50 Centers (i.e. the factory girls women) plus Beth complain and she takes their side. TBC.

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Gilles27 said...

"Grace, under pressure" - I see what you did there.

Lily Bigfield said...

A very enjoyable review, Rachel. I'm fast-forwarding through most of the plot lines these days (I only paused at Roy's scenes this time), so this is a great way of catching up. And, as someone mentioned elsewhere I think, hasn't something happened to the glorious Rita's face? Shades of Ivy and the 'work' she had done back in 1994?


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