Thursday, 14 November 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 13th Nov 8.30 pm

At Richard's bedside (a lot of bedside's tonight) Roy admits that he's his half-brother and they share the same Mother in Sylia. Shocked, Richard (Malcolm from WATCHING) reveals to Roy that he'd known since childhood, but didn't know his Father as he was sadly adopted. If I'm honest, I think its a pity Wayne isn't here to see this, but some superb acting, and it's awesome to see David Neilson tackling something gritty.

Confiding in Nina, Carla is quick to sing Roy's praises to his new niece. Like I said in tonight's first review, she's 100% Carla again, with added vulnerability-I love it.

Family ties are also on Steve's mind, he's taking the girls out of the flat, with Tim, to a Weatherfield County game. After the game, Amy decides its time Steve took her to see 'Little Mix' in concert. It's great to see the girls annoying Steve, isn't it? I wonder where this is heading.

Banishing Vicky to her maternity appointment, Robert is quick to cover his tracks, with Michelle heading back to bedside base. Using Ali as a ruse, Robert tells Michelle that her Doctor son is harbouring a drug addiction. How low with this guy go? Michelle is shocked and swiftly leaves the hospital. Back at the Bistro, Ali tells his Mum the truth but also airs his suspicion about Robert's timing of this announcement. Michelle agrees and seeks confrontation with her fiance.

With Michelle soon heading back to the hospital, Vicky leaves, and Robert has the same idea, deciding to discharge himself and hoping to avoid a Michelle / Vicky clash. Too little too late though, as out of his earshot, a nurse tells Michelle that Robert has had another female visitor. Back home, Michelle announces she's heading out to a meeting, and Robert is soon on the phone to Vicky. Searching 'paternity rights' on his laptop, has Robert had a change of heart... again?

Meeting with Carla, Michelle asks Carla to cover a few more  Bistro shifts and confides in her about Roberts recent (months!!) suspicious activity and shows concern.

Can Carla help Michelle, and finally get her comeuppance on Robert?. If you remember, the night before the factory roof collapse, he gave Carla a serious threat-so let's hope so. I wouldn't want to cross Carla, Michelle, AND Vicky, Would you?

What did you think to this Wednesday's Corrie? let us know in the comments section.

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Louby said...

I hope Richard is around for a while. Poor Roy deserves a bit of happiness. Does anyone else think that Nina will move in with Roy when Richard dies?

coconno196 said...

Sadly I don't think Richard will last long. Shame, as I loved Paul Brown in Watching. Nina is bound to finish up at Roy's. It's about time Carla (and Peter?) moved out anyway, surely they can afford their own place?

Anonymous said...

In that photo Nina looks more like Bette Davis in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" than a Goth.

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