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Monday, 18 November 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 18th November

Daniel returns to the Street, but refuses once again to go to the funeral. He returns to the flat, a symbolic vase of dying flowers in his eyeline, and boots up the laptop to watch the videos that Sinead made for him and Bertie. His attempts to swerve the funeral might wash with the Barlows, but he's no match for Beth, who tells him to put on his suit and she'll iron a clean shirt. The funeral goers and street residents all wear rosettes made by the factory girls women (which look like the props people bought 'em off Etsy).

Daniel gets aggrieved during the sermon as Billy says Sinead's in a better place, and he stands up to make a speech. He says he doesn't want to think he'll never see her again (well he could for £14.50) and he knows he'll never find a love like hers again. He talks to Sinead at the graveside, saying that he just wants to go home and watch the videos. Unfortunately, a burglar has other ideas and in the absence of any valuables (he doesn't go for Daniel's books), he takes the laptop. Should've backed up to the Cloud, Sinead! Daniel, getting increasingly frustrated with the wake and the Tinkers, takes it out on Chesney, who's trying to apologise for not having visited the dying Tinker. Beth tries to cheer up the funeral ("It's not very Sinead") by playing Le Freak (C'est Chic), which upsets Daniel further and he returns to the flat with Peter and Carla to find it trashed.

Michelle gets Carla up to speed with the Robert sitch, but not about her future plans; that's between the scriptwriters. She pretends that she's OK with Robert seeing Vicky (for the baby's sake) which forms a handy diversion for her to call their accountant and then (the newly shorn) Adam re: her hostile takeover of the Bistro. By the way, I know the NHS is strapped for cash, but couldn't they afford to give Robert a crutch for him to hobble about on? Anyway, karma is a bitch and so is Vicky (quite rightfully), not quite believing he's returned to negotiate child access. Tyler gets in on the act, punching Robert in the snout. Vicky tells him that she will take him back, but because Michelle is pretending she's alright about everything, he tells Vick it's a no go and so she chucks him out. I think Michelle knew what was going to happen, non? But Ms Connor, before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves, yeah?

Billy entrusts Bernie with the keys to the church as she starts her new job as cleaner. I thought the widows of the parish did that kind of thing? Also, I would keep my eye on the communion wine if I were Revd Billy. When Paul finds out about his mum's new role, he is aggrieved, telling Billy to butt out, and Billy blurts that he did it for Paul because he LOVES him. Paul and David meet up in the pub and Paul lets slip that he was the one who persuaded Josh to change his mind about the stabbing, and David realises that Paul knows that Josh raped him. David confesses that he had to talk about it (to Shona) because he didn't want to go the same way as Aidan and this strikes a chord with Paul, who rushes off to find Billy to tell him he LOVES him as well. Cut to the snogging.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a groundbreaking episode. Someone actually cooking in the Bistro kitchen, with hot pans and everything!

Tashacat said...

Anonymous, I noticed that, too 🤣. Michelle’s Hair is a fire hazard, too.

Jan said...

Speaking of hair, I couldn’t help thinking that Adam’s hair looks ridiculous. Though I suppose it didn’t look like he’d washed his hair in lard like the last style.
And what a font of expertise he is for a back street solicitor. Criminal law, family law, financial and business law, is there nothing he can not do? Apart from actually discuss any of his cases in his office of course.

coconno196 said...

Is anyone else worried about Ken's cough? I do hope they aren't planning to kill him off.


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