Monday, 18 November 2019

Beverley Callard leaving Coronation Street

Beverley Callard, who plays Liz McDonald, is leaving Coronation Street. Her story will appear in this week's OK magazine and she was on ITV's Loose Women today talking about her decision to leave.

Bev tells OK magazine: "There’s very little work in our industry for women over 50, but I’m 62 and recently I was doing three jobs at once," she tells OK! referring to her soap role, a stint in The Rocky Horror Show and her standout performance as Roxanne in The Thunder Girls. "It made me realise how I was privileged to have the opportunity to do so when so many women my age no longer get the chance."

Exclaiming, "I’m sick of ageism in the industry", she goes on to tell OK! magazine: "Although I’ve had to leave the safety net of being in Coronation Street to do this, I’m hoping that ageist bosses, of which there are many, take note of how successful this show is and it starts the ball rolling on helping other women my age, get the roles they still deserve."

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Anonymous said...

Hasn’t she ‘left’ a few times?

Rebecca said...

Aw, hope she comes back!

Anonymous said...

There isn't much more for her character, Liz and Steve are a good double act but Tracey and Amy are better with Steve. Good luck to Beverly Callard, she's good at her job.

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