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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Coronation Street Spoiler: Paul moves in with Billy

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Corrie and Billy and Paul reunite with Paul moving into Billy’s flat. Rita is thrilled (as is this fan, they make a great couple).

However, all is not plain sailing as Paul is horrified to come face to face with his terrible past with Kel. An emotional Paul recounts his childhood experiences to Billy, Gemma and Bernie about how Kel took him on trips out, how he admired Kel but ultimately Kel sexually abused him.

Bernie and Gemma are shocked to the core whilst Billy’s heart breaks for him. Gemma urges Paul to report Kel to the police, but Paul refuses, adamant that to rake over the past would be far too painful. Gemma feels for her brother.

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Bobby Dazzler said...

I really like Paul..not sure I like him with the Vicar..but he's a great character and the acting has been first rate. Really can't stand Bernie though, I can see why Paul doesn't want her around

Anonymous said...

Terribly miss-matched pair, what on earth do they see in each other. Corrie are awful at coupling people together, these two have zero chemistry and their relationship comes across as a little over bearing from Billy's part at least.

Den said...

This is the worst news I've heard since Billy did heroin in his church. As a big fan of Billy Mayhew, I honestly don't understand what the show is on putting these two together, Billy would just not be attracted to this guy. I'm mortified. He's gone from the lovely Todd Grimshaw who wore lovely sharp suits to a guy who looks like he wears the same tracksuit for a week before putting it in the wash.

Anonymous said...

Den, I completely agree with you. Does Paul own anything beside track pants?
He dresses like a slob, and has no education, what on earth does Billy see in him?

Den said...

in reply to Anon - I have no idea what on earth they see in each other. To be honest it's really bothering me. It absolutely wreaks of, "they're both gay men so should fancy each other". I adore Billy, but it's going to make it very hard going for me to watch is scenes now as I can't stand any of the winter family, so sad. And as someone who really loved Billy with Todd, I find it belittles what he had with him, they're not remotely alike, how on earth does Billy see a future with this guy? Also, they seem to constantly age Billy upwards and Paul downwards in every scene, I can't comprehend why? Billy is always dressed like a vicar in every scene they share, he's never just dressed casually anymore. I'm so upset with this ...

Anonymous said...

It seems that Billy is much older than Paul and this will become an issue when Paul realizes it

Anonymous said...

I am more disappointed that Paul isn't going to report Kel to the police rather than him being paired with Billy.
After months of this storyline leading up to Paul coming to grips with his past,he's going to let Kel get away with abusing him?!
What was the point then?To justify another storyline for Gemma's family?

perkysmom said...

Perhaps Paul is UNCONSCIOUSLY reliving the relationship he had with Kel by having a relationship with Billy (remember that Paul said he loved Kel). I can see Billy feeling needed by Paul.


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