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Saturday, 30 November 2019

Joe Duttine interview: Bigamist Tim and his secret wife

How much does Tim regret not telling Sally earlier?
It’s not even crossed his mind. This isn’t Tim having an affair, he’s just been on a lad’s trip to Vegas fifteen years ago and got into a bit of trouble so it’s not like he has been unloyal to Sally. It’s not even occurred to him until Geoff and Yasmeen return from Las Vegas and Tim realises that actually he got married in Vegas and it is real. It’s not something that has bothered him until it’s been brought to light. 

How has Tim got this far not believing that his marriage to Charlie was real?
It’s just one of those things that he has not thought twice about, we’ve all done stupid things haven’t we? You just forget about them. It’s not been something that’s been looming over him or that he has been hiding from Sally or worrying about. It’s just something that has happened in the past - a skeleton in the closet that is now chasing him.

What’s going through Tim’s mind when he asks Charlie for a divorce?
Kev and Steve say that he should get in touch with Charlie and see if he can get a divorce. We have some funny scenes in the pub which are quite light-hearted where they try to find her on social media. They track her down in a bar and Tim goes to speak to her and talks about the past and asks if she would consider a divorce. Tim thinks he can deal with it this way; he thinks he can get a divorce on the quiet and then re-marry Sally by doing it under the guise of renewing their vows.

If he is taking advice from Steve - surely that is a bad sign?
It’s a bad sign but that’s the entertainment aspect of it. We’ve had such drama so it’s quite nice to have an injection of this stupidness and fresh comedy from those characters. It’s just lads being together saying, “You better deal with it, mate!”

What do you think Sally would do if she found out Tim’s truth?
There’s no adultery but I think that Sally would be embarrassed and ashamed to hold her head high in the street knowing that her husband has married somebody else so it’ll be more about pride. Her pride would definitely be hurt and it’s more like, “Tim, you bloody idiot, you’ve made a right fool of yourself and shown me up!”

Do you think Tim honestly thinks this plan to re-marry Sally will work or that he is just being hopeful?
Oh yes, totally, I think he is all over it, completely, why wouldn’t it? He’s even going to set up fake, posed pictures of them signing the register. He’s thought this through and thinks it’s going to work. It’s all a bit Carry On, isn’t it?

Is this the most careless thing Tim has ever done?
I like the fact that Tim is always getting himself into trouble doing careless things. Blowing up the conservatory with his home-brew was pretty careless and this is just another one of his faux-pas. It’s what he does and I like to think that is what makes him endearing.

What advice would you give to Tim?
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