Tuesday, 19 November 2019

New fella for Emma in Coronation Street

In this week's fab Inside Soap magazine they tease something that they'll be bringing news on next week.

They say that there'll be love at last for the brilliant Emma (played by Alexandra Mardell). Yes, there's romance on the cards for Emma coming the week after next, but who will it be?

Inside Soap teases us by saying it's a local lad. So I wonder if this means it's one of the current fellas on the street? Whoever it is, they say, will sweep her off her feet.

But who is the man involved? And will the pair's date turn out to be a roaring success?

Who do you think it might be?


Glenda Young
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Annie said...

I hope it is Craig. Emma and Craig are two of the nicest characters on the street which I find to be currently littered with nasty, damaged and just plain stupid people. I think they would make a sweet couple. Corrie needs a little kindness to make up for the horrible story lines I have had to watch lately.

Anonymous said...

I think it may be Tyler and there will issues between Emma & Amy! IMO

Ollsbolls said...

Ken Barlow!!

Lily Bigfield said...

Oh, I do agree with you, Annie. The negative, nasty characters are wearing me down. Let's have some kindness and goodness in the street!

Anonymous said...

Tyler for sure

Scott Willison said...

Wayne! Bring him back so they can be lovely together!

Anonymous said...

How about Michael, he is kind of flaky but seems nice enough.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

I've read that it's Seb, but wouldn't he be too young for her? Micheal would be ok for a while, but she'd soon get sick of silly schemes. I think she'd be good with Adam Barlow. I can't see her going for Craig and Tyler again would be too young.

Gilles27 said...

I'd forgotten that Seb exists! Where is he these days?

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