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David Neilson interview: Roy's brother and niece arrive

Tell us about Roy’s search for his brother?

Viewers have been unaware that Roy has been digging away trying to find out information about a child that his mother had as a result of her affair. At the same time he has been playing a word game online and has become obsessed and no one can understand why, but he has discovered through his research a player who he believes could be his half brother.

What happens when he and Carla go round?

They trace the player to a block of flats and the daughter is very hostile and doesn’t want anything to do with these strangers who have turned up at the door. Roy doesn’t come clean about who he really is at first and just say he is a gaming opponent.

Is having a blood relative something that Roy would want in his life?

I am not sure he would particularly want to go there but when he finds out his brother is ill Carla says that he should tell him who he really is. Roy prefers to leave the past in the past but he has to face this, it is harking back to the situation with his mother which unsettled him so much at the time of her death and the discovery of the ring. He was interested in who she was but he was troubled by what he had found out as it opened a whole new load of questions for Roy. He discovered she had a love affair and a child and the way she was with Roy was actually nothing to do with him. It does release him a bit and out of that comes the discovery of the brother.

Why does he decide to visit him?

Carla is the one who pushes it, she is prone to doing that with Roy, she pushes him into a situation that he isn’t comfortable with and then he discovers that Richrd is very unwell and Carla says he has got to tell him who he really is.

Are they alike at all? Does he feel a connection with Richard? 

Richard is less socially awkward than Roy, he is into football and is a bit more ‘user friendly’.

How does Roy feel about having a niece?

That side of things doesn’t really register with him at first and she is less than welcoming to him. He is more focused on his brother and the fact that he may not have too long left with him.

How does he get on with his brother?

Richard is very welcoming and warm. Richard is pleased to see Roy, they had the relationship online playing the online game. It is tricky for Roy, he knows that Richard was in care, he was put up for adoption and Roy feels as though he owes it to Richard to tell him something of his history and how he ended up in care.

How do you think that Roy feels about the fact that his mother put Richard in care but did return to be a mother to Roy?

That is an interesting part of this storyline, as bad a mother Sylvia was to Roy she did choose to bring him up and be his mother. Carla points that out to Roy but the damage has been done to Roy and he has parked all that, he has moved on.

Tell us about Nina

Aside from his brother the other interesting element of this is that the storyline is also a device to bring Roy’s niece Nina into his life, a new relationship with a younger character, a troubled young person in the same way as he took in Wayne, Fiz, Becky and even cared for Carla when she was struggling. It is an interesting dynamic.

Were you pleased when you heard about this development? 

Yes I am enjoying this storyline, Roy works well when he has something to focus on, a problem to solve or someone to look out for, particularly someone who others may see as a bit different. Roy can identify with that as he has been an outsider himself. It is interesting and it puts him on his mettle. They are different generations and worlds apart but there is a connection between them. Mollie is lovely and a great actress, she is thrilled to be here and she is throwing her all into this character.

Why does Roy agree to look out for Nina?

Roy is a very responsible person and he has been landed with this situation where he has promised his brother he will be there for Nina. Once you ask Roy something like that he knows has got to do it and there is no way he can’t do it. He wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to take on that responsibility but he doesn’t shy away from it once he has given his word. He’s not a do gooder, he can be quite selfish but he has been stuck with this rather angry young girl and he is going to do his best. Out of that will come a really good relationship - she is a nightmare and she is costing him a fortune as he is also trying to pay Richard’s bills, finding that ring is one of the worst things he ever did! But the relationship with Nina could be one of the best things for him.

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