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Sunday, 17 November 2019

Coronation Street Christmas Spoiler: Maria and Gangster Gary

The wonderful 
Inside Soap Yearbook 2020 is in the shops now. 
In the Yearbook, the magazine always takes a look ahead to what's coming up over the festive period, and beyond, for some of our favourite characters.
And so, here in a nutshell, are some sneak previews for storylines from Inside Soap magazine who say this about Maria, Gary and the future of knicker factory, Underworld.
"Things are looking up for unlucky in love Maria as Christmas arrives and she looks forward to spending the big day with her new squeeze, Gary Windass.  However, what she doesn't realise is that he's set to be her most dangerous partner to date!  He'll continue his shady loan shark business, which could have disastrous consequences for at least one cobbles resident (could it be this one?).  
Meanwhile, Underworld is set to reopen with the workers unaware that Gary is actually their new boss! So will the truth come out and how will everyone react if it does?
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Anonymous said...

I'm appalled that Gary not only gets away with Rana's death but profits from it as being the co owner of Underworlds where she died due to his sabotage?!
I don't think I could watch Corrie until Gary gets his comeuppance!

Bobby Dazzler said...

Coronation street is the most dangerous street in the UK apparently!! Ye gads, what is going there something in the water. Only misfits need live on the street where everyone has a criminal record or at least has done a stint in the clink.....I'm surprised half of the street aren't working at the hospital now that we have a set..wait...sigh..that's where gormless Geoff came from isn't it?

Christmas on Corrie...murder and mayhem...booooo

Bobby Dazzler said...

Ali got away with murder Anon...

Anonymous said...

Bobby,Yes Ali did get away with murder but at least he had remorse whereas Gary does not.
Ali also killed a drug dealer who was threatening his family whereas Rana was an innocent victim.
Gary also knew in advance that the roof would collapse as he purposely took the day off to ensure Sarah didn't go the factory and showed no concern for anyone else.

CK said...

And Gary killed Rick with a shovel and then buried him, I wonder when they will find him? The police must be quite inept if Gary can just take over his business with all his clients

Anonymous said...

Gary is much more interesting now, Rick was out to kill him with no mercy anyhow, and Rana and the factory work force would be trespassing anyhow as were illegally striking and insurance would not have covered them for illegal lock ins and sleep overs.

Sarah stealing passports nearly got him killed, it's about time he had some money and work, and a decent exciting relationship on the female front, he was always getting moaned at , in a rut and glad Rana and Kate have gone :)

Anonymous said...

Rana was selfish and annoying and if Kate's jealous friend hadn't of cut her dress up she would not have needed to go into the factory after hours to get her bag, I mean it was when staff were altering her dress during their illegal lock in! Surely they're tresspassing as well as doing work on equipment that doesn't belong to them, and did anyone invoice Rana for this? Why was Sally not in trouble for fighting on The roof, Gary hasnt actually intentionally killed anyone!

Rana should have taken her dress to a proper alterations place and paid legally for it so all was above board! No cash in hand out of hours using their boss's facilities! It was not Gary's fault really🙂

Unknown said...

Rana was had the accident in the factory because big mouth Shaun thought it was a good idea to withhold her wedding dress which was being made in the factory.He decided it was a good way to get at Carla.Rana went to get it herself and that's when she had the accident.Big gob Shaun again,he is a horrible person.Everyone seems to forget his part in the tragedy,nobody has ever mentioned it.This seems to happen a lot in this street.


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