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Saturday, 16 November 2019

Peter Ash interview: Can Paul overcome his past?

As Paul comes to terms with what happened to him, how does he feel about his relationship with mum Bernie, does he hold resentment that she didn’t realise what was happening to him as a child or is he glad to have her here now?

Paul feels like Bernie let him down big time. He thinks in some way she must have known something about what was going on. After Bernie finally hears the truth from Paul, he accuses her of never caring.

Paul’s been bottling up his feelings about his abuse, only speaking to Billy, so when he speaks to David about his rape ordeal does this strike a chord with Paul?

When Paul speaks to David about what happened to him, he realises he is not alone. I think that is a weight off his shoulders and helps him to deal with all he's gone through a bit better.

How supportive has Billy been, has it really cemented their relationship?

From the moment Kel showed up, Billy was the one that could see something wasn't right. His help and support definitely has not gone unnoticed by Paul and this has strengthened their relationship.

What are Paul’s initial thoughts when he hears there’s been a spate of burglaries, does he suspect Bernie?

As soon as Paul hears that Bernie has been working where the burglaries took place, he is immediately suspicious of her.

In searching Kel’s house, Gemma and Bernie discover the truth about how he abused Paul? How does Paul react to this, is he relieved it’s out in the open or something he wanted to keep hidden?

Paul wanted to keep the ordeal buried and under wraps but when Bernie and Gemma show up, claiming they know everything, he has no choice but to lay it all bare and he also blames Bernie for failing him as a mother.

Paul is against going to the police, why is that?

Paul doesn't wants to get the police involved because he's afraid of people delving into his past like things he's blocked out and buried. He doesn't want to relive any of it.

Do you think Paul can move forward from this?

I think Paul can get over this with the right help and support. As hard as it may be for him, he does need to face his past and hopefully in time bring Kel to justice.

Have you found it tough playing this storyline?

It definitely has been challenging but it's been more than worth it, seeing all the positive responses we've had so far. Survivors Manchester also helped a lot with everything, they've been amazing.

Has it been interesting to delve into Paul’s past and look at what’s made him the man he is?

I have loved exploring Paul's past and getting to build on his character. I am excited  to see what in the future for Paul and his family.

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