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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 6th Nov 7.30 pm

Fleeing the street following Sinead's death, Daniel has become rather elusive by hiding in Scotland with baby Bertie (can't blame him myself), the young widow isn't exactly in a rush to head back to Weatherfield for the funeral. Visiting No.1 to see Ken, Beth tells him they've booked the 18th and that Daniel needs to return to make arrangements.

Meanwhile, Sinead's one-women beard-oil operation has got Carla chomping at the bit. Is the one-time factory supremo about to launch another enterprise? She goes to see Roy but he's distracted with online scrabble. Concerned with less cerebral pursuits, Abi wakes up on Sally's chilli stained sofa following a night of cider consumption with Kevin. Woken from her stupor, it's left to Sally to get her ready for college & the exam.

Also reluctant to attend school, Asha seems distracted and hangs out at the shop with Cathy, before Simon Barlow makes a rare reappearance. Can Simon persuade Amy to help out Asha?
It's doubtful, as Amy heads with Steve to collect Emma from the hospital. The hairdresser has decided to convalesce with her 'Dad'  following her appendix surgery. I like Steve and Emma, I think its a growing relationship with great chemistry but wasn't she whacking him with flowers outside the church at her(non-biological) fathers funeral, not that long ago?

Talking of churches,  Billy dislodges his dog collar, on a rather dodgy ecumenical visit to Josh in hospital. Will it be recuperation, or redemption for the rapist?. With David's wedding only a day away, I don't have much hope for Shona's romantic plan.
Josh isn't keen on telling the truth, and try as he might, Billy's plea's remain ignored.

Readying for their date, Maria and Gary are suddenly 'loves young dream'. Not busy enough with antiques, loan sharking, his rarely seen son, and the factory rebuild (?) 'Gangster' Gary instructs his P.I to get more dirt on Dr Ali. I doubt he's bothered by Emma's misdiagnosis, more concerned with avenging the stolen kiss, and probably Adam Barlow, come to think of it?

Back at No.1 Peter belittles Daniel's decision to disappear and they both decide to represent Daniel in the discussion plans for Sinead's funeral. At The Rovers, Sinead's immediate family are noted for their absence (what a surprise!) as Beth and Ken discuss bizarre 'comedy' gravestones ( I use the term loosely, that was weird) but the crazy prices quoted did prompt Ken to exclaim a classic 'WHAT!'  (see gif @corrieart) so it wasn't ALL cringy. Finally getting Daniel on the phone, the widow admits to his Dad that he doesn't want to return for his wife's funeral, and he's better off alone with Bertie.

I also wonder if Billy will do some actual vicar work at Sinead's send-off? the last rites montage for Sinead's death scene was beautiful, wasn't it? Seemingly still occupied with David's murder charge,
Billy confides in Paul who's quick to take a hint and realises he's more in common with David that he originally thought.  At the prison, Billy tells David that he hasn't been able to change Josh's mind, but Paul seems to have other ideas. Masquerading as a hospital porter, Paul sneaks into Josh's hospital room and closes the blinds. I assume it was the same security guard that let Sean in to see Jan, that time!

Will Paul come to David's rescue?

More from me with the 8.30 pm episode review, and hopefully we can find out.

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Anonymous said...

Is it me or does anyone else think it is really odd for the husband of a woman who just died to leave the country? As he is her next of kin, isn't he responsible for making the funeral arrangements? I know Sinead spoke to Billy about her funeral, but he is a Vicar not a funeral director. In my humble opinion Daniel needs to "man up" come home and look after things properly. Beth needs to shut her mouth and back off.

christine said... is not odd for someone to have a collapse and want to leave when they suffer a loss - it is their way of dealing with it. People deal with grief in may different ways.
I have suffered many losses in my lifetime..parents, sisters, husband and children..each time was different.

perkysmom said...

Daniel is a widower (not widow). Daniel has left because of Beth's big mouth. He feels he will be ostracized at the funeral because he kissed Bethany.

C in Canada said...

I know this is off topic, but is the factory rebuild even happening?
No mention of it, never see any builders bustling about, or any of the staff working.
Are they still working from the community center?

MartesBC said...

C in Canada, I believe Ed is rebuilding it. Also encouraging that a Barlow child that goes to Scotland after his parent dies actually stays with his parent. Breaking the chains of the past in good albeit painful way for young widower Daniel.

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