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Monday, 11 November 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 11th November

Queen Of All Known Universes, Michelle Connor, is feeling a little guilty about letting Alya step into the bear pit of the Harvey Weinstein of Weatherfield for thirty pieces of silver £20K. She'll have to find out about Ray on her own, says Robert and Michelle agrees. Charming. Robert's got other things on his mind, namely his double life as he finds out that Michelle has found out that he found out about Amy and Tyler being "just mates". Michelle warns Alya and tells her to keep all he meetings with Rays in public places (although her warning seems to be less about "sh*tty hotelier men" and more about her general air of self-righteousness). Alya asks Ray if anything untoward went on and he immediately lawyers up, and they turn up at the Bistro to tell Michelle she's being sued for breach of contract and defamation of character.

Robert discovers Tyler about to send a text to Amy spilling the beans about baby Jefferies-Preston and he talks him out of it. But his world is about to come crashing down, literally, as he's distracted by Michelle ringing him and runs his car into a lorry. He's taken to hospital in Macclesfield (not Stoke, as he said) and Ryan remembers that this is the second time he has lied about where he was. The police ring Michelle and she finds him hopped up on morphine and asking his baby, just before she finds the Big Daddy name tag that Vicky gave him. Not the best ever Monday for Michelle.

Ghastly Geoff is awful to Yasmeen, still sulking and refusing to go on holiday with her and accusing her of controlling him when she packs their bags for Vegas (to be honest, I didn't think that he'd actually booked anything), but they eventually go off for their flight.
When will this horrible man get his comeuppance? Will Tim's mum turn up to tell Yasmeen about her awful boy old man-friend? I have to say props to Ian Bartholemew for portraying such a nasty piece of work.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Roy is not obsessed with online Scrabble but with the person, Bucks Cassidy, he's playing with, who has gone missing from the game. Carla is concerned and eventually gets it out of Roy that he believes that he's playing with his (half) brother, the product of Sylvia's affair. It's good that something has come of the ring storyline, which went on for a long time without really going anywhere. Roy and Carla go in search of Richard, driving to what looks like the Fresh Meat house and meet a young girl (long time since there's been a goth on the street - I think Caitlin McGuinness was the last one, and she was more of an emo) who tells them she's never heard of Richard Lewis, before she returns to playing IRL Scrabble with a bedridden man.

In Llandudno, a marketing manager turns up with "swag" (some nappies) and says she wants to make the quads the face of the supermarket: "The Freshco Four" (sounds more like a group of people unfairly convicted of shoplifting, tbqhwy), but Gemma turns her down. It's good news though as there are 4 min-beds available for the babies in Weatherfield General and they can go home. Although it's not a happy homecoming as Gem finds out that Bernie's been mine-sweeping the mini-bar and they owe the hotel £500. I know these things charge you £5.75 for a small bag of nuts, but that must be one huge mini-bar.

Emma and Maria corner Dr Gaddas on her way to the disciplinary meeting to try to get her to be lenient on Dr Ali. Afterwards, he finds Toyah, who couldn't attend because she is "swamped at work" i.e. is siting in the pub, and lets her know that they told him to take some annual leave and that they don't know about his drug use.

Gary has bought an expensive handbag for Maria that he says is a fake (but we know isn't), but bristles when he finds out that Maria put in a good word for Ali. I know Gary's a murderer and has been violent to half the street, including his ex-girlfriend, but how many men notice their girlfriend's handbag's strap is broken? He's a keeper, Maria! Until she find out about him, that is, but then again she did get together with her husband's killer, so I think it'll be at least 2022 until she cottons on.

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Anonymous said...

I must admit to being amused at Bernie minesweeping a mini bard - appropriate in Wales. I can just imagine him in his robes reciting poetry to Bernie, probably in Welsh!

dhvinyl said...

Idling my way through last night's episodes I found myself noting some of the many unique features of our favourite Street. Hope you will indulge mr - the last one was a late addition!

Coronation Street, where the curtains are never opened.
Where people can walk round the back of their televisions
Where every week there are four seasons in one day
Where people emerge from hairdressers looking exactly the same as when they went in
Where every floor is made of concrete and everyone wears leather soled shoes
Where the children are taller and look older than their parents.
Where actors in wheelchairs can miraculously go up and down stairs at will.
Where there is a pub but nobody has more than a tiny sip of its beer.
Where every house has a bowl of green apples that nobody ever eats.
Where people we’ve never seen before turn up at a wedding and are never seen again.
Where a restaurant can close without warning, but then it has a kitchen the size of a toilet cubicle with no chef.
Where there is a cafe that can produce cappuccinos with no machine.
Where there is a Co-op and a Costa and no one is ever seen inside.
Where people who are real life pregnant have to go to major lengths to hide it, while as many who aren’t have to wear tummy expanders?
Where the same five cd’s have been hanging from the Kabin wall for at least five years.
Where a knicker factory can be sandwiched into a community centre the size of my kitchen.
Where all soul searching conversations are held in a newly constructed pot plant garden, whatever the weather.
Where everyone has cars but they all have a secret parking place
Where people can waltz into prison or hospital without so much as a by your leave.
Where everybody lies without compunction.
Where people can vanish on holiday at a second’s notice.
Where Jeremy Corbyn has arrived masquerading as Roy Cropper’s brother.

Any more?

C in Canada said...


I've got just one:
Where people can up sticks and move using only a bin bag and a holdall, at a moment's notice.

coconno196 said...

Everyone has everyone else's mobile number, even if the characters have never interacted before.
When anyone walks out of their house, the person they want to speak to just happens to be walking by.

popcorn said...

Where people remove their mobile phones from their ears before they have finished their conversations.

Louby said...

When there's a conversation going on about a secret subject, it's sure to be overheard by the very person who shouldn't hear it.

Also, the one that is often mentioned, that houses and flats can expand to accommodate any number of residents and guests,according to the need of the script.

Laura said...

Where no one practises birth control and also where all one-night stands end up in pregnancy!

maggie muggins said...

Where one or more residents of one street is seriously sick or injured enough to be in hospital Every Week.

Tashacat said...

When someone asks a tradesman to come, they get a quote the same day, and work starts the next day.

perkysmom said...

Where people can lose their jobs, go to the Rovers, and get hired by someone (all in a five minute span, with no questions asked).


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